18 November 2005

It involves Me, Franz Ferdinand, the Song Michael, and Christian Church PanHandler.

Midway to school today, I stopped at the red light waiting to make a left turn and was listening to my Franz Ferdinand CD (The first self-titled cd) and Michael (the song about two guys dancing together) was on. So I roll down the window becuase the panhandler was right there and was about to give the guy money and the lyric about Michael's look came on, and the guy said "I don't need your money." So the dude most have thought I was gay, and I have been even more alienated by these conservative christians, because they judged my orientation based on a song by a band. But hey im cool with it, its their loss.

KenG out

15 November 2005

What in the Hell?

While sitting in the student center at state I generally watch the news for some interesting information. Normally this holds true, and when it doesnt i take out my headphones and plug into my laptop and listen to some tunes (since my goddamn iPod fucked up again). Well Im currently listen to No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom Album and I see some damn news on a fucking turle/turtoise that turned 175 years old. I dont believe in slow news days, so there is no reason for me to see a story on a 175 year old turtle. (get the pun slow? I know its not funny because Im not typically the one to "make a funny" however you do that) So that is it for now, I guess I fell into the trap of MSNBC and reported their story on the fucking turtle/turtoise.

13 November 2005

As a democrat, I would hope that the DNC is getting its shit together. Unfortunately I feel that our wins on Tuesday night had more influence of the crumbling of the republican party. I would hope that by the midterms in 2006 we democrats can have a clear message and have a more centrist campaign, because that is how many Americans feel themselves to be, centrists. That is how we can really get our shit together, because many of the the pundits (hold on im one too damn!) are right we are just the anti-republican party. We shouldn't be known as the anti-republican party, we should be known as the Democratic Party. If we support something, lets support it damnit.

10 November 2005

The Marriage Problem:

Disclaimer: This is satire not to be taken seriously.

Every year countless numbers of men are tricked into slavery, this slavery is the marriage. Marriage to a woman just so he can be tricked into getting "sure pussy" from their wife. These men are misguided, there is no guarantee that they will get a continuous supply, and what happens if something happens to the man's wife? Should he continue his slave labor just to hold out on getting some? All of this asks questions, but the real question that should be asked is: is this why gay people want to get married, to be tricked into continuous servitude. And if this is the case, who is the one that tricks another? I dont know I am not gay so I cannot answer the question. I do beg of you everyone out there, however, do not get married if you think you are going in it for the "sure thing." Please dont do it just for the it.

I Remind you this post was satirical, meant to be read with light heartwood laughter.

09 November 2005

Is President Bush losing his clout? That is the question that many republicans should be asking themselves, especially if they are going to run for election during the 20-06 midterms. With the defeat of both republican gubernatorial candidates in Virginia (a really red state) and New Jersey (the race had been very close). The problem is, that President Bush visited the Republican candidate, Kilgore, in Virginia the night before the November 8th election. For Bush this is really unfortunate, because it shows that the Meyers debaucle, the White House CIA leak, and the indictment of I. Lewis Libby (yes I got the name wrong last time); has had a major effect on Bush's clout with the public. Really the only wins for conservative Republicans and President Bush are: The election of Incumbant Republican Mayor Bloomberg;a constitutional amdenment banning of gay marriage in Texas.

With the public approval of the new Texas amendment (almost 3:1 margin) and the defeat of the Maine amendment, many conservatives are probably asking themselves could they take this to the national level? This is because Texas is the 19th state in the Union that has made gay marriage illegal. While this is not 2/3 of the United States. Could this time for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage? It possibly could be, with almost 2/5 of the states having some sort of ban on gay marriage; and Maine,a 2004 blue state, rejecting discrimination on gays.

For Democrats, the same question has to be asked, "Is President losing his clout?" If he is, it is time to get out new democrats try the young bloods to take over those republican seats. If you try to use democrats who have been in power a long time, and they lose their election against a Republican, it would be a setback for the Democrats. On the selection of new blood, I am certainly partial for it because I would like to run for office and this could be the time to do it even though I have only served my high school when it came to public office. Seriously though, it is time to get out some young blood, people who are outside of the beltway or just general outsiders that understand how the govenment works in theory.

Things are changing in the country, and while it might not be President Bush's fault he will certainly get a large share of the blame. Is this fair? depends if you believe in kharma, if you do then you probably believe it is fair for Bush to get the blame. Democrats must pounce on this victory and make United States voters believe that Bush is wrong and HOW Democrats can change it. If the democrats really want to throw things back in Bush's face, they should tap from his 2000 campaign and fight to get rid of the scandals in DC.

03 November 2005

Awesome, Fucking (lol) (look at the coma pervs

The following flight pattern visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya.

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23 October 2005

Important announcment coming soon, maybe

20 October 2005

Getting to know the staff.

Now if any of you actually know me, you know that I only converse with people I like. For those I don't like you will get a yea, no, maybe, mmmidunno, etcetra. Now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that I have english, I have an almost two hour gap between my history class and my english class. Normally during this long gap, I go to the hall where english is and sit down (you can visit me near Thompkins 128 Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 and 11:20). During this sit down I normally listen to my iPod or play a game on my laptop (which I got 4 hours of time out of article coming soon), today however was different.

Today I sat down in my normal spot and saw a woman mopping the wood floors on Thompkins hall. She was quietly mopping back and forth until she got to where I was sitting. She looked at the benches, and started to mop under the bench next to me. I asked her "would you like for me to move?" she politely denied and I continued my work. A few minutes later she sat down across from me to watch the floors dry, and to let students know the floors were wet; evidently students ignore the bright yellow sign that says "Caution Wet Floors" in both Spanish and English.

While waiting for the floors to dry a young girl walks up to the door T128 and pulls on it about 3 times, the girl did pull the lever (smartasses). She hangs on the door for about a minute and then looks around, ignoring the beautification gaurd. The gaurd then asks her "would you like for me to open the door for you?" The girl responds "yes sure if you can." I just sit there, wondering what will happen next, when the gaurd opens the door there is apparently nobody in the room, i did not see. The gaurd then asks the girl, "do you have class today", the girl responds "I think so..." She quickly pulls out her cell phone and calls someone, "Hey do we have class today? ... Oh we don't well okay, I'll talk to you later bye" I started to chuckle, an uncontainable chuckle too. As the girl walked off the gaurd proceeded to chickle as well.

I turned to the beautification gaurd and, a professor walks out of his class and asks "did a young girl fall out here?" Randomly. The gaurd said, "umm no," More laughter.

This is all that happened, but I thought it should be noted in the log. Well there it was.

19 October 2005

bleeding horseshoes killing man.

Okay when I first heard this I asked what the fuck!? But now in retrospect I can enjoy the use of bleeding horseshoes. Know this I don't want the horseshoes to kill the man, I just want them to blugent them badly enough so that he will shut the hell up. Now whne the bleeding horseshoes hurt the man the horseshoes will bleed more and I will ignore it.

15 October 2005

Yahoo+Microsoft=LOTS of IM

According to the microsoft site Microsoft and Yahoo are going to join up on the IM front. According to the estimates on Microsoft's site users of yahoo and msn will join to make 275 million imers. So that means the 1 msn person and 274,999,999 yahoo people to make the "largest im community"

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02 October 2005

Border line Democrat Socialist

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(21% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I dont go to gay bars

Dear Dumbass,

I recently wrote an article on my blog, title "Gay Bar." I just wanted to inform you that writing about homosexuals does not make a person a homosexual. I feel like this must be cleared, since a few dumbasses wanted to im me and ask me if I were at homosexual (in a demening mannor). I must be forced to inform the world I am not a homosexual. While I am not a homosexual, this sounds like a politician talking here, I do have homosexual friends; furthermore, having homosexual friends does not make one homosexual. If you cannot decently understand this, please do not contact me I dont have the time for it.

29 September 2005

Bad Choice

   While the outcome of the Roberts vote is clear, the choice of the next Supreme Court Justice replacing Associate Justice Sandy D is hanging in the balance. The democrats on the hill are pleading with the president to nominate a fair and balanced judge (sounds a bit too much like FOX News and we know how balanced they are). There are two names being thrown around, and the dems want those names out. One is Janice Rogers Brown, who some of you might remember as the judge that was unfortunately sent to the US Court of Appeals. Others might know Judge Brown for calling the New Deal (not exact quote) a victory for the socialists. I know that I am a liberal, but honestly how far of the right is this, I mean it doesn't even register for me. Calling the New Deal a socialists victory is a bit extreme, unless she meant that Jesus liked it too (he was a socialist and everyone knows it) I know that I said I would talk about the other Judge, but I am unable to do so right now, I will have a Bad Choice Pt. 2 coming soon.

26 September 2005

Gay Bar

Now many of you probably dont already know about the order sent down by the pope's house (the Vatican for those who do know). The order bars gays from serving as priests in the catholic church. Now I got this joke from Bill Maher but had to pass it on. The irony in this decision is that there is now a gay bar in the catholic church. Another irony is that since everybody is supposed to be celibate (looks at the fucking pedophiles who are fucking sick ass pervs.) but we know that the men are not.

24 September 2005

I dont wanna statue:

"Its my understanding that any man that has a statue made after him is one type of son'bitch or another"
- Captain Mal Reynolds "Firefly"

This is the reasoning for my title. I dont want a statue, cuz that means im some type of son bitch. Now I know I am a jackass at times, I can be one of the meanest mofos out there. I just dont want a statue saying im a son of a bitch. That is all.

Finally the Ladies

Ok in the sub-title line for the site, "A Slanted View on life, people, family, friends, and of course the ladies." I have yet to actually lend my view on the ladies. Now I love ladies, I am a heterosexual male, ladies are my fascination. Now that is out of the way, I cannot stand the constant date recitation females have. Now anniversaries are cool and shit, but maybe women shouldnt freak out on men who happen to forget these dates. I mean it is a day of the year, if you truely love each other a day wont matter. Now my mother and my dad go through this every 3 years, where he forgets their anniversary and I usually remind him, but every third year something happens. This year is a third year, my mom freaked out on my dad when she asked him (clearly setting him up) if he was working on Sunday [their anniversary]. He of course asked what the date was, because dates are just a number to him, and she went loco. It was funny, but then she got kinda crazy about it and I walked out of the room. When I came back into the living room my mom had went to her and my dad's room and my dad was playing GTA.

Now personally I do not like anniversaries, these days are created by jackasses who want the spouse to get pissed off at the "offending" spouse. Now when I get married it is obvious that this view will change, and I will succumb to the dreaded anniversary. So you women, let your men by, becaues the men who remember your anniversaries are either faking their heterosexuality, trying to get some pussy, or are just using you for some other reason. Well that is it. Those are my two cents.

Good Night,

22 September 2005

Welcome All

Alright people, we have a new commentator. Its Chris Twine some of you might know him from school. The others are wierd strangers who are just creepy. LOL Well anyways, Im considering developing a podcast. The podcast will be produced once the podcast market settles down some. Well till next blog peace.

PS. Look out for Twines blogs on here and on his site, it is Twines World Link down below. and Here

21 September 2005

America Green With Greed

America has become Green with Greed and is seeing Red because of it. Coperate America is overspending its earnings and are driving their companies blindly into debt along with the political america. The only part of America that isn't in debt is upper middle class and lower upper class America. The military is in the Red from its previous accounts not just from this one. the longer america stays in the red, the longer it blindly leads their blind companies and home owners with bad examples.


25 August 2005

Well Im back, and so are you.

Well mighty readers of my blog, I have been away for a while just because it is school time at this institution called NCState. Its an amazing experience and beats the hell out of High School. There are long walks nothing too bad, very healthy though. How about you people at northern, how was your first day you have go to tell me about it.

Okay people now we have to get down to business, those who couldn't go to the green day concert should and will regret it (Dan B) you know who I'm talking about right? It was fucking awesome, I skipped the warm up act but like always green day was a blast. The concert has changed since I went to their concert at Walnut Creak, but RBC Center really cannot be called and amputheatre.

My classes are going fine, for those who wanted to know. I have history, english, economics, intro to engineering, and intro to computing environments. For the last one I would take the place out exam, but it is on the same day as the jeopardy tryouts at Southpoint. Maybe I will just get an easy pass in my computing environments class, no complaints. So yea thats really all I can think to talk about. There are some hot chicks here, and not so complicated people to talk to. Well till lata peace ma hacka biatches.

18 August 2005

I enjoy it

Yes I truely do enjoy it when people comment to criticize me. Yes I know the onion is a satire site. Yes I know there isn't anything known as intelligent falling (yet). I was just having fun with it okay people.

10 August 2005

I used some lube today

Well guys you know how it is using lube. Squirt a little out and rub it up and down, so there is so little friction and you can get the job done quick. I mean I don't know about you but I love to get it done quick so I can get my lunch. So I got the lube on the wires and then put them throught the interduct and the crew pulled the wires till we finished The wires were pulled really lubed and I got off.....

of work

27 July 2005

Blogs Help Search of NWF

Blogs are helping the search of a non-white female. While other outlets only focus on the missing white female in Aruba, this blog and many others are focusing on a pregnant mother missing in Philidelphia.

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More Dream Shit

Okay people, I have been having these dreams. I should tell you that these are the most mildest of my dreams. I have had dreams in which I have saved the world from an entire invasion of flesh eating hellians (if you spell it that way). What I am trying to say is that, if you think this is pretty fucked up; you've never visited my subconsious or my actual life brain.

26 July 2005

We have a liftoff, and lunch.

Right now at 11:03 AM EDT NASA Flight Controllers in Florida have gone to their beans. The eating of beans are a tradition way back in the day of NASA flight. On the other hand, Discovery and her crew are in orbit around the earth at approx 18,000 mph. That sounds awesome. Well I've got to jet (no pun intended) peace.

25 July 2005

More Dreams of a Radical Nature

Okay this dream takes place approxamately 10 years after my graduation (in which the graduation was rudely interrupted). Okay let's begin this wierd ass journey.

   It all started out on my honeymoon, with a hot chick I have never met before (but have seen on television a sci-fi show), where the usual honeymoon things go on (im not going in to the details). Then all of a sudden the building starts to shake, so we go downstairs to the lobby to find out what is going on. When we get to the lobby, a bell hop is being shot up by some retarded robot/zombi (it was one or the other not sure), about this time Aeryen (the chick I married in my dream) is on her cell calling someone (at the time I had no idea who) and she tells me to go downstairs and take everyone to the basement. I complied with her demand of me and took a cell phone from one of the extras in my dream. After we all get down into the basement, I luckily get a signal and call Jon C. and tell him to prepare my robot and the weapons. Then all of a sudden Jon, Sim, Dan, Rick, and a few other people from school were there; they had appeared out of nowhere almost, maybe some type of transporter. I take the guns that they bring and tell them to follow me, and they do. When we go upstairs we see 13 more zombis/retarded robots (z/rr) and they start to shoot at us, we take cover and when they stop firing, we fire back and kill them. I then told the group, to split up and look for Aeryen.

   Looking everywhere for my wife (Aeryen), I am not thinking clearly about the situation and I walk into this trap, where I find a retarded robot, and a controller. Some how I lost my guns when I walked into this room, and I have no weapon except for my mind and hands. So I go after this controller woman and break her neck, and take what appears to be a gun; however, it is not the gun you and I would think it was it projected a something out the end that deflected gun fire. So when the zombie started to shoot at me, I didn't get shot but I still had to take it down. So when it shot at me and I wasn't dead it was stunned, so I came round behind him and grabbed his neck, unfortunately that didn't kill him; but I was saved again when I heard to blast of a gun and a limp zombie was in my arms (not as romantic as it sounds zombie goo everywhere). But what was romantic about it was that Aeryen was the one that shot the zombie. She tells me that there is a ship outside the resort waiting for us and that we need to go now. We ran to the ship, and I was looking around for the old crew, but they were nowhere to be found. So I tapped the communication bracelet on my arm and call up Jon, Rick, Dan, and everybody else and told them to come on .

More to come later, when I go to sleep again.

24 July 2005

Okay I've been having these weird ass dreams lately, and they all had something to do about school. First of all the school was always under attack of these machines and I would have to get inside of a robot to help kill the machines. And then I eemember that I got money and a job for the government for doing what I did. Then came graduation, and the machines came again and captured me and I ended up getting away and getting to my bot.. When I killed them the principal of the school came up to me and told me good job and about the government program. After that I went outside where I saw Jon C. and a few girls I used to know from Northern. Well we see this forests and we walk into it, well it turns out to be a place where my robot was hidden during the quiet not being attacked by evil machines moments. So we go down there and find out some of the machines were being controlled by somethings maybe robots (which is really wired robots controlling robots). Then people started going missing Theresa K, her sister, then Jon; but for some reason I didn't notice this when I was looking for a way out. When I do find a way out a few things have changed, one of course is time I was underground for 5-6 hours, then my cd player was playing music, and my iPod was an older version of itself. So being that it is 5 o'clock (and I am two hours late) I go to pick up my mom. However there is a small problem, the interstate I was on changed in to a one way trip to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert. So once there I get out of the car, and see my aunts and uncles, waiting to get in one needing tickets; so we start to talk about nothing and nobody seems to care that I graduated just 6 hours prior. Then all of a sudden this really fat chick shows up talking about me my battles, and the robot I controlled; then my uncle C. notices something on the girls neck, it turns out to be a gaping hole that turns out to be filled with parasites. Then something is about to go down, because an alarm sounds and I start trying to get to my bot.

That is it for now. There are a few pieces left out that I might put in once the pertaining party okays it.

23 July 2005

Clowns again.

Okay a while back, I sad something about clowns being evil. Now I realized what clowns really are, they are drag queens for Kids. It is so obvious, I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before. Clowns are the drag queens creation it acceptable for dudes to be in makeup; but they failed, because clowns are scary as hell.

22 July 2005

playing around with yourself

ScArRy JeFf: ayt, people no member abuse you know what im talkin bout (especially you jon)

rick dont kill garden gnomes

sim peace

cuzin chris zzz's sound good

twine the stupid pick up lines, we're all tired of them

jon don't do it you'll go blind

brixius even tho my sword is bigger, it doesn't matter its the skill that counts. (actually it does matter chicks love a big samurai ;-) ) oh and double_d aint the bra size i was talkin bout its your new nick i dont know why

josh methane dreams sound coo

but most of all people member abuse is a bad thing and none of us should do it. the members need love too. (think about that one)


if i went into the future and killed my future self would it be suicide?

sim says no
dan says yes

either post or im me scarry jeff on aim

Vow Movement (Say it, it sounds like bowel movement)

Okay, me and a few people have been talking about marriage today because an old friend of mine from the coast is getting married, because she's pregnant and she wants to be married before the birth of the child. Now to me that is the worst fucking reason to be married, after just trying to piss off the 'ole parents. Now I'll support her, and say I hope you have a good life; however, this has really got me thinking there are people straight and gay who never get married. These people are usually very happy with their situation, its marriage without all the beureaucratic bullshit. Why sign a damn piece of paper, say a few words, pay a lot of fuckers to do something when they don't care if you stay married for the rest of your life? If you just stay in a non-marrital relationship with your partner for the rest of the relationship (till death, or seperation with life intact), you don't have to worry about signing divorce papers and so on. Saves money in the long run, you know? Now for me this will probably change, I'm probably thinking like this, because my friend is getting married. So check back in a few years (the site will probably change by then, but I'll keep you posted) and you'll find out what happens with me. Well till the next type, keep reading and please don't get married.

21 July 2005

DICK, yeah I said it I SAID DICK DANIT

You know its pretty bad, when the only time you talk to your friends the main topic is dick. Okay J*&^*!@) I won't say your name, but yes you have a new list of names for your part. Thanks, lol hit me up peoples im bored and im not sure if lea is gonna come back into town friday or sat 323-5671. Oh yea I found my phone

20 July 2005

To be so staight (heterosexual)...

Republicans suck a lot of dick, cock, penis, head, jimmy, johnson, mushroom haed... and so on if you want more info go to Wikipedia Dictionary no pun intended

Im just saying look at them, they are homophobes but still suck dick.

Oh yeah I know that the conservatives and republicans are gonna love this shit.

19 July 2005

Hillary Clinton is a (__Insert Explictive Here____)

Hillary Clinton is a BITCH, and I say that with all due respect. I mean honestly, if parents didn't want their kids playin GTA:SA then they could take the damn game away from them. Okay people she is taking the easy way out, she would appeal to everyone, because she looks like "she cares for the children". I mean what the fuck is that bullshit!? I mean honestly let the sexual perverts who can only jack off to digital animation get off. I mean that is the only way for them it will happen, because you can't have sex with a digital girl, unless you count Lara Croft. She went from big ass digital chick, to fine big ass and tits human rights chick Angelina Jolie. Okay well that is enought from me. Peace bitches

18 July 2005

Okay no subterfuge

I was at the store, and I saw the sensetive condoms, they were pink. That is a blatent stab at women and homos right?

Now you can agree with me or not, but that is my opinion. Oh yeah those who don't like what I have to say on my blog,


. Yeah thats pretty much all I have to say about that.

wierdly enough

i prefer trojans, they get the job done right no bitchin, love the subterfuge

New Thnk Geek Slogan

Geeks do IT with enthuisiasm

Im sure jon will get the spell check soon, thx. LOL

Oh yea the IT is like Internet Telephony

17 July 2005

Feelin Better today

Feelin better today people. Im looking for a server for my blog and hopefully some other online content soon. I hope to be starting a radio show/ podcast and maybe produce a few things myself. I won't be producing anything like Sim does, cuz I'm not that good, I mean some web content for people like WebSites, and stuff maybe some photoshop.

Takn Girl

Has anyone ever seen Tank Girl, its got Lori Petti in it. THe movie is crazy as hell. If you want to see it you should. Talk to you lata.

16 July 2005

For So Long

For so long I have been worrying about other people, I have been trying to help others with their problems. I don't even the last time I have actually had a day to myself, where I got to do something I wanted: like hang out with you people or just chill with my cousin (cuz he is my wingman). But Im saying it know, thats it people (you don't know how bad I want to say mother fuckers, but I wont)(even though i just did). I mean I have heard so many of you complain about little fucking shit, and so much of it has built up and I just want to scream. And I don't mean a blogosphere scream, I mean go out of my GOD DAMNED HOUSE LOOK UP AT THE FUCKING SKY AND SCREAM GOD DAMNIT!!! I WON'T YELL GOD DAMNIT, I WILL JUST LET OUT A PRIMAL SCREAM BECAUSE IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO ABOUT NOTHING AND RIGHT NOW THAT IS ALL I WANT. I DONT WANT TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO CARE ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THE MISERABLE SHIT IN YOUR LIFE! I WANT TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT I WANT. SO JUST FUCK IT YALL THINK ABOUT THIS SHIT BEFORE YOU IM ME.

Garden State Day

Do you ever have those days, where everything seems to pass you buy. Like the scene in Garden State, where everything is going around Andrew and he is just the only thing that is constant. I mean it happens to me all the time, im around my friends and everything seems to go by and Im just there. It is crazy. I really miss Lea, she is the only girl who I have ever actually thought about spending the rest of my life with. Its insane, I guess I shouldn't really express my true feelings on a thing that can never really be deleted. Hmm just wierd, but I do like Lea.

15 July 2005

13 July 2005


CNN Caps from sunday, yea I was that fuckin bored. But they were pretty funny.

Gamers know what its about

Im bored

Im bored, are you?

10 July 2005

It has begun

The CNN and other "news" organization coverage has begun. The Hurricanes have come, and are still coming and it began with TS Cindy. Now that Cindy has died off it is now time for her bigger and younger brother Dennis to fuck things up. On the idea of fuck and all things similar I have your fucked up site of the week, well its not really a site, but a picture of Dennis here is the link: Glad Im not therre

The bible in lego

The bible in Lego...no kidding. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

This is actually pretty good camera work, as many of you know I'm not a bible person (I don't really read it) but I have been trying to get into it. Give me a while and enjoy this site.

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People do you remember the short run TV show on fox by the same name of this Blog. Well if you don't then shut the fuck up and read anyway. Titius has come back, and yes I know that this comedy special is like a year old, but I found it funny and I need to tell you that anyone who has the chance to (re-)watch "Christopher Titus: Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" do it! It will probably come on showtime, so look for it.

09 July 2005

Fuckin Bored

if sex is soo fun, why is fuckin bored so boring and annoying?

06 July 2005

01 July 2005

Fucked up Delay

Sorry for the delay people. the fucked up site of the week is coming soon. Please be patient.

30 June 2005

Clown sex and fetishes.

Okay I thought this would be an awesome title to a blog. Okay Im sorry but im watchin CSI, and the episode is where a clown is killed. OKay well what happened was that a woman has a clown fetish and is fucking the clowns she hires. However this time it is different, her husband walks in during the clown sex and kills the clown. The key, they kept the suit; now if my hypothetical wife had a clown fetish I would get rid of her ass, I mean wtf? A fucking clown fetish (meant literally and figuratively) it is really sick, clowns are scary as hell and don't tell me they aren't

School's Curse

DISCLAIMER: There will be a continuing log of some of my dreams. This is just so i can analyze them. I am doing this because every year after school ends and right before it starts back up (since grade 6) I have had wierd ass dreams about my friends, and school rivals. Just a warning, nothing for you yet, I have to get it to paper first.

Okay to the normal things, I have been in this phase of Alanis Morresette, she can actually sing and write her own songs (amazing that it still actually happens this way) Well I listened to this one song "Forgiven" on the Jagged Little Pill CD and I can't stop thinkning of Lea, if you don't know who that is don't worry bout it she probably would never meet you. Well this is wierd cuz ive never acutally had this feeling about her before. Well I need to go see ya lata.

27 June 2005

Land of the totaly fucking funny.

LOL, okay people I saw land of the dead with lea this weekend, I must say that it was a totaly fucking funny movie as the title of my blog suggests. I went in there knowing that I wouldn't have been scared, because I am not one to be scared by minor shit, shit that scares me is WMD, Lies about WMD, People with another shrub like name, Seeing Dick on tv, and many of the other right wing fuckers. Okay enough of this rant, I just wanted to say that Land of the Dead was funny to me but people were jumping all around me.

24 June 2005

What the ((explitive deleted)) !!!

LOL okay I did the explitive thing, so no google is not censoring. Just wanted to link you to the new fuck site of the week. Its a site that I will release each friday so you may see how fucked up the world is. By the way it probably will not be a porn site, unless its a really fucked up porn site. LOL, okay here it is the first Fuck site of the week

What the !!!

LOL okay I did the explitive thing, so no google is not censoring. Just wanted to link you to the new fuck site of the week. Its a site that I will release each friday so you may see how fucked up the world is. By the way it probably will not be a porn site, unless its a really fucked up porn site. LOL, okay here it is the first Fuck site of the week

you are acid (LSD) or mushrooms. you are quiet,
thoughtful, but if you are leaning towards acid
you may have more paranoid/nervous tendencies.
you are very smart and intellectual but may
think in radical ways.

what drug are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

22 June 2005

Selective Service

   Okay well I've done it I've put my name to the line of the selective service. From what the law of the selective service shows, if I waited until I turned 26 I would not have to worry about signing up; the problem is if I was discovered not to have signed up and I did not sign up when I was discovered I could and probably be would be found guilty of breaking federal law.

Cool Effect

You know what is cool is when you put hydrogen peroxide on a bleeding scab and when the peroxide mixes with the blood and starts to kill the bacteria the red effect of the bubbles is so wierd. Haha peace

21 June 2005

No I haven't gone soft

No I havent gone soft on you guys, becauise I am not soft. Animals pretty much just dogs, not a big fan of many other animals don't get me wrong they are good creatures Ijust have a special love for dogs. This explains the picture of the puppies in the corner of the site. Yes they are mine, no they are not for sale and yes their pictures were taken by my camera phone (323-5671). Just in case you didn't know the number lol. Okay well back to the puppies, the one that is brown with white on his face is Scout, the pure brown one is Loraine and the blond one is aptly named Blondie. Well that is it for now, peace.

You who know me, know I'll do it. If I don't get any comments, if I don't get atleast 3 comments the little duck will get it damnit!

20 June 2005

late nite + early mornin = very exhausted

late nite + early mornin = very exhausted, prolly be up round 1 - 2 i dunno
New Phone btw 323-5671
for those who don't know the area code, you don't need to call me then. Alrigt im goin to bed later people.

16 June 2005

i'm back

Yea Im back XP is reinstalled. Now im cooking dinner and playing san andreas. Yea its fun, and san andreas is even better cept for the "wrong side of the tracks" mission which is a biatch. Well Ill blog yall people later peace

12 June 2005

Down Time

In a few minutes I will pour my first cup of green tea and begin the long process of killing and re-installiing Windows XP. It is a long process but that is where the green tea comes in handy, and plus I mean come on it has to be done atleast twice a year. So I figure after mid-terms and after the end of the school year is the best tiume to do it. I have modified my schedule since I am going into college next year but the premis is the same. KILL XP, lol ttyl. NO MOBO probs rick trust me, I won an award.

Chinese gamer sentenced to life

Sim, you might get a kick out of this story. A man killed a person over a game sword. Its sad and funny as hell. LOL I can't believe someone actually died over a damn game its just sick. Steven you might wanna watch ya back.

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11 June 2005

EPIC is back, and now with podcasting

Its back from the future, to tell us whats up. Now from 2015, the EPIC story still has the same basic background googlezon takes over the world. Yet now there is a little glimmer of hope, podcasting with apple's "wi-fi pod" lets people say whats happening on the street. Torrent link includeded:

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09 June 2005

GMerge Shut Down

GMerge, the Python script that stitches together Google Maps images to make high-res wallpaper, has been shut down. Sorry, I'm not sure what category this should be in.

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08 June 2005

Its not your fault she can't fire off, it might be her mother/fathers

In this BBC article, it describes that the female orgasm might have a genetic link behind it and not a technique of the squelchy. Read it for your self.

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Internet2: It's better, it's faster. You can't use it.

"Internet2 was never designed to replace the Internet most of us are using now. It's more like a beach or a restaurantâ??great when not too many people know about it, frustrating when everybody and his mother starts to show up."

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The Game has Stopped

Okay people I have made my decision, Im not going to accept the job at gamestop. After 9 hours of sleep, 3 hours of deliberation, and 2 bowls of cereal (Fruity Pebbles Bitches!!!), I finally let out one sigh and said "Id rather work at best buy anyway bitch!," who was I talking to I have no idea. Anyway I just wanted to give you guys that update, peace.

07 June 2005

The Game Stops.... Here

   Well I went to a job interniew at gamestop today, lets just say the experience was ... interesting. One of the things me and the manager talked about was intimidation (sp?); one thing you should all know about me is that I'm rarely intimidated people do not scare me obstacles (*thanks jon*) do not scare me the only thing that intimidates me is my dad (lol). The manager said to me, "I would be weary if one of my employees were not intimidated by the work, I would show that they are not interested in the job in making sales of subscriptions and pre-orders." I stood there for a minute thinking about what he said and I instanly knew I didn't want to work there, not because of the intimidation comment itself, but just his attitude about it. He said it to me like I didnt give a damn about wokirng there, and I wanted to work there. I do not now. So if they call me back I might accept might not; post comments or hit me up on AIM.

06 June 2005

Pac Man is Back and Human

In a bbc tech write-up there is a real life simulation of the classic 80s game that every geek has played at least 17,683 times. Seems interesting not to mention the HUD that is put in the helmet. The only drawback is the wierd vest you have to wear.

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05 June 2005


Where do you go on from here? Do I like to sing the song of endless remorse, a remorse for the world, for the people who do evil things? It is due to such afore mentioned people the world is in such decay. It has nothing to do with sex on television; or so called "gangsta rap"; the pants that might ride too low or too tight; republican or democrat; it is due to the people who do evil things.

People believe I have a hatred for Republicans, and for a while I thought that I did, but I do and did not. I just don't agree with their politics (philosophies) and not all of them some of the republicans philosophies are really well thought out and agreeable. The people who I do have contempt for are the people who try to do harm to those who cannot defend themselves: the little man, the underdog, the forgotten. What these evil people do the less fortunate is a heresy in itself, and should never be defended. Those with power should help and protect the less fortunate [This is not some radical left wing socialist agenda Jesus helped the little man, preached and that the little man should be helped.] I feel that people who take the Holy Bible and use it to undermine the people's rights have also committed sin, for it is similar to using the Lord's name and word in vain. Now I know I'm not a practicing Christian, but I do occasionally read scripture and talk about it; I am just a guy jotting a few thoughts down. I honestly don't know all of Jesus disciples (but they don't know me either); and I don't know all of the 10 commandments.

I guess I should explain why I don't "practice"; I feel that religion should be a private matter, which at most should be shared with the family. I do not need someone to tell me what is good and what is bad. I am a human with able cognitive abilities, and I know shooting someone is not only morally irreprehensible but legally wrong. It is in fact one of the reasons I will not hit anyone, I feel it is wrong. I will react in self-defense, please don't believe I will not, but I don't go looking for fights either.

The only fights I tend to fight are ideological fights; because it tends to have an effect on everyone, and I feel that the good should go to the many not the few. This tends to put me against some people, if it is for the betterment of the people so be it. For this I have been accused of being a communist, I AM NOT A COMMUNIST I don't believe this communist, communism will not work, because it is forced upon the people this really goes against the idea of socialism anyway because it is not really for the people.

You cannot force people to be a socialist it is not inherent in people to be socialist, because most people look out for themselves first. This is not because they are inherently greedy, it is a long drawn out survival instinct. For some this instinct has been forged away deep down never to be tapped, unless something causes this survival instinct to expose itself.

On the note of survival I think I will end this. It has been interesting to re-read and write. It has been fun too; it has allowed me to see who I am as a person, and show people who I am as a person. I now realize I embrace 2 different yet similar religions, which might seem weird but it is true. I am a Buddhist, because I want to seek inner peace and tranquility (selfishly I guess [goes back to survival]). I am also a Christian (with no denomination), for a long time I was agnostic and then became a Buddhist and now I know most religions are all the same (in the basics) belief in a higher being, morality, having faith, having to trust in people, and finally realizing true tranquility must be sought with the help of others.

Well gentlemen and ladies; girls and boys on this note my essay is over it is finished.

Ken Glenn

30 May 2005

Remember EPIC (The Google Story?)

Hey people, you remember EPIC? Well the aquisition of dodgeball by google is a sign that epic may have had the basic story right. The Google could possibly make it so you can track down your friends home like they had a little microchip in their house or something.

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Finally We can tell the other people their game sucks more

If the MMORPG world was not crazy enough, players in the Star Wars Galaxies universe can tell the Everquest I & II gamers what they think and visa versa. I guess its a good idea, but I would just use AIM if I wanted to chat.

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Finally We can tell the other people their game sucks more

If the MMORPG world was not crazy enough, players in the Star Wars Galaxies universe can tell the Everquest I & II gamers what they think and visa versa. I guess its a good idea, but I would just use AIM if I wanted to chat.

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No Lesbians!

Ayt so im bored and surfin xanga blog. I was goin through the Durham metro section and see this chick's description of her blog saying she isn't a lesbian. If that isn't a way to turn many guys away from her blog I dunno what is. Yea im bored. Holla 452-8345 (see if anyone actually calls or txts it) Find out the area code urself bitches!

29 May 2005

Sims creator takes on evolution

The creator of the hugely popular Sims game is working on an ambitious title in which you can truly be God.

Called Spore, the game allows players to determine the evolution of a species, from an amoeba to an inter-stellar race.

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Legal: I Kenneth Glenn have not recieved permission by apple, bungie.net or Microsoft inc to create the afore mentioned image. It used a screen capture from the Halo 2 Game

160GB WD HDD $30

CompUSA has the Western Digital 160GB Hard Drive for $130 - $30MIR - $40MIR - $30MIR = $30.

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27 May 2005

Are You Gonna Jump?

   There is a man in Georgia who is ontop of a 350ft crane. The man supposedly murdered his ex-girlfriend in florida and is now ontop of the crane in Georgia. Its quite hilarious that CNN and other news stations are covering this event. I guess like me there is supposedly nothing better going on in the world.

24 May 2005


By the way Im a laser kind of guy

23 May 2005

Fillibuster, Filla WHO?

Okay Im goin to put my word in this fillibuster talk. I have only a few words: Keep the damn thing, for everything. For those dems in the past that voted for kicking it and are now for keeping it, shut the Fv(< up about it and get out of the senate. That goes for you John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy stop acting like this, it is stupid and makes you look stupid. Yes I USED STUPID, not Stupid head you stupid head. Haha I did use stupid head guess this blog went down 3 pegs. oops

Here is something funny for the day go to the jinx website that goes with the shirt.

22 May 2005


I was thinking today, I think that computers should come with lube and prenuptual (sorry if its mis-spelled jon lol) agreements. The lube is for...

haha gotcha again its for the cd-rom drive of course. Then the prenup is for men who meet women on the internet and end up marrying them. The prenuptiual would include a clause that if the one of the party meets another person online, has an online affair or is just porn addicted, nothing will be split 50-50. I think that is fair right, I mean you are marrying a person that you met online !!! That means if you don't put out enough or right then you aren't adaquet enough and the spouse can go back to the store. Alright that is how I feel bout that, just say no to porn , Sex with miners (not minor) ( See attached link) is ok as long as you got the right type of hat (not talking about a light hat either boys and girls)

21 May 2005

[x] Whats your name? Kenneth
[x] How old? 17
[x] Siblings? nope
[x] Female or male: male last time i checked lol
[x] Birthday: 6-25-87
[x] Birthplace: Durham, nc
[x] Living in: Rougemont, NC (small non-town tryin to be incorporated)
[x] Eye color: brown
[x] Hair color: black
[x] Righty or Lefty: depends on how good the movie is lol....j/k lefty on most days
[x] Zodiac Sign: cancer
[x] Innie or Outtie: innie
[x] I daydream about: being president
[x] Short or tall: is 6ft (short i think)
[x] School: NCSTATE (Wolfpack!) UNC fan tho

[x] The shoes you wore today: sandles (yes bitch i wored sandles)
[x] Your height: 6'0
[x] Your fears: being alone

[[-----------------WHAT IS------------------>
[x] Your most overused phrase on the computer: Wayne Brady Bitch
[x] Your thoughts when you first wake up: what day is it (what the hell did i do last night?)
[x] The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: breastesses and ass
[x] Your best physical feature: it doesn't have a brain
[x] Your bedtime: WHENEVER Im lonely or right after (not lonely then!)
[x] Your most missed memory: chillin wit my cousin b4 i realized there was a problem with the food. miss those times

[[-----------------YOU PREFER------------------>
[x] Pepsi or Coke: Coke
[x] McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
[x] Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino, there is this hot italian chick at the coffee shop love talkin to her she has this sexy accent.
[x] Tennis shoes or flip flops: either depends on the mood
[x] Sports or mall: sports

[[-----------------DO YOU------------------>
[x] Smoke: ..... nope
[x] Cuss: FUCK YEA!   Bitches
[x] Take a shower everyday: usually 2x
[x] Have a crush: too many
[x] Do you think you've been in love? yep
[x] Want to go to college: yep
[x] Want to get married: ....... er....uh......
[x] Lie: try not to (ask jon he'll tell you the truth, then again no he wouldn't)

[[-----------------WOULD YOU------------------>
[x] Cut your own hair: yeah....no
[x] Stalk anyone: try not to.....hehe
[x] Skip school: depends on with who
[x] Hook up w/ a friend: hell maybe (don't here that one a lot)
[x] Eat shit for a million dollars: depends the shit at taco bell or feces?

[[------------IN THE PAST MONTH DID:/:HAVE YOU-------------->
[x] Go to the mall: oui
[x] Eaten sushi: non
[x] Been on stage: oui
[x] Made homemade cookies: oui, they were bangin too
[x] Been in love: yea
[x] Dyed your hair: black, non
[x] Stolen anything: nope

[[--------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------>
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: yeah had to help the baby ducks
[x] Told a girl that you liked them?: yep
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: lemme get back to you on that
[x] Had an imaginary friend: yep (still do...hehe)
[x] Cut your hair: non
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: ms. McKethan (nice french teacher)
[x] Played a game that required removal of clothing? not recently
[x] Been caught doin "sumthin"? if that "sumthin" is the "sumthin" im thinkin bout....no.....its been a while
[x] Been called a tease? no
[x] Shoplifted? no

[[-----------------------OPPOSITE SEX-------------------------->
[x] Notice first? booty/face I DON'T KNOW!!!
[x] What are you into? cool laid back chicks
[x] Feelin anyone? plenty (too many)
[x] Ever rejected sumone? yes
[x] How many people of the opposite sex is in your buddy list? 17
[x] Ever been kissed?? yep
[x] Best eye color: doesn't matter
[x] Best hair color: brown and black
[x] Best height: doesn't really matter.... just gotta be cute
[x] Best first date location: movies
[x] Best first kiss location: movie, during the credits
[x] Turn ons: cute face(lips), nice smile, nice butt, down to earth, into cars
[x] Turn offs: loud, stuck up, materialistic, bitchy
[x] Coloring: doesn't matter
[x] Best article of clothing: there's clothing involved?
[[-----------------NUMBER OF----------------->
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: two
[x] Number of computers you have: 3
[x] Number of piercing's: none
[x] Number of tattoos: none
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 6
[x] Number of scars on my body: lost count
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: a lot

[x] Shampoo: frutics
[x] Fav Color(s): blue and black (not bruises)
[x] Summer/Winter: summer
[x] Fav Cartoon Character: Rocky (Rocky and bullwinkle)
[x] Fav Food: pizza
[x] Fav Movies: action comedy sci-fi
[x] Fav sport: lax
[x] Word: Falujah (ask jon)
[x] Ice cream flavor: coffee
[x] Holiday: new years
[x] Furniture: Bed (non-squeaky please)
[x] Number: 13
[x] Fast Food: Subway
[x] Class: Physics
[x] Animal: moose

[x] Sport to play: basketball
[x] Sport to watch: soccer
[x] Band: no fav
[x] Language: depends
[x] Weekend activity: depends
[x] Roller Coaster: doesn't matter
[x] Stores: TigerDirect (ima geek)

[[------------------RIGHT NOW------------------>
[x] Wearing: i don't know her name, nah shorts a shirt and a pair of sandles
[x] Thinking about: gina
[x] Listening to: iTunes

[[-------------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------ >
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name? never
[x] Do you like anyone? gina
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you? none i hope
[x] Are you close to any family member? oui
[x] Who do you trust the most? not telling
[x] What's the best feeling in the world? sex candy love
[x] Worst Feeling? totaling my car
[x] What time is it now?: 23.18 (military time) its 11.18
[x] Do you have a best friend?: yes
[x] Do you love your friends?: like a brother

[x] Ever fallen for a friend?: yes female friend
[x] You know anyone that is feeling you right now?: no
[x] Could u live without the computer? hell no!
x] How many people are on ur buddylist? 42
x] Like watching sunrises or sunsets: both but if i had to chose sunrises
x] What hurts the most? Emotion or Physical?: emotion
[x] Trust others way too easily?: most def
[x] Is cheerleading a sport?: sure
[x] Houses lived in: 3
[x] Age for marriage: for me.... not sure
[x] What do you eat for breakfast?: depends on the day

[x] I love to____with people? fuck
[x] What was the last thing you ate? fish and chops
[x] The last person u talked on the phone with? rick
[x] Favorite drink? sprite
[x] Do you wear cntacts? nope
[x] Hugs or Kisses? kisses
[x] What book are u readin?: So Long and Thanks for all the fish (Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers guide series_
[x] The loudest person you know: won't say
[x] The annoyest person you know: i really don't wanna say
[x] Favorite gear: t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers
[x] Your backyard: freakin huge and a bithc to cut in the summer time

[[----------FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND--------->
[x] Thong: woooooo!!! hell yeah!
[x] Sandwich: cheese
[x] Elephant: big
[x] Sugar: red hot chili peppers
[x] Sex: yes please
[x] Friends: close and far between
[x] Shots: hurt like hell.


    As of right now bored man is officially dead.

And now for something completely different: May I play? (there it was). I will most likely be posting more frequently since school is out. Another thing is that TSS is back. All geeks will know what I mean, okay not tru not all geeks have heard of TSS. But for the ones that have the original TSS is actually back in podcast or actually TWITcast according to Leo. just go to the TWIT site and look on the right for podcast info. The show is recorded on sunday night and the sprung onto the internet [do not say information superhighway you will be one of the jerks infront of the fireing squad against the wall when the revolution comes :-) ] sunday evening or early monday morning. And if you use something like iPodder it will automatically download it for you when you enter the link URL. Not the TWIT site URL though.

peace hackaz.

Can I play?

Something 10 years ago in my life I would have never said, it was an automatic I could play with anyone anytime; unless they lived in town, now if you know me you know I have lived in town only 3 years of my life, I have never actually played with people unless they came here and that is a rarity because its too far out. So now that I have a car, I have to learn the all important phrase of "can I play", which should be more correctly written "may i play". So now on my blog I will start to say "may i play". It might be in a title, or it might be in the text somewhere, but I will try to make it a conscience effort to actually put "may I play" in my blog.

20 May 2005

Another Erection Story

   Okay like usual when Im home alone I watch....

you thought I was gonna say porn, you would be wrong. I watch CNN, almost religiously. However, I feel like its gettitng insane with all the erection pill commericals on CNN. The thing is the commercial says that if you are not healthy enough to take __(insert erection pill name here)___ then don't I have only one question, if you can't get a hard on how in the hell do you expect to be healthy enough to have a fake erection? Now honestly people your body is telling you something, it means you don't need anymore Pussy YOUR TOO FRIGGIN OLD YOU OLD BASTARD!!!. LOL sorry that was just funny to me. But its true no natural erection = no more fucking. Sorry old men you either need to learn how to direct your blood flow to your dick or give it up. And plus old people having sex is just wierd anyway (post on the comments if you agree or disagree). Alright thats enough Ranting.


14 May 2005

Incorrect Spelling

Okay so I guess I wouldn't be a good contestant on the Wheel of Fortune because I spelled "won" like one. Im sorry okay i didn't mean to. So just sue me Jon, if it makes you feel better sue me. Trust me I'll get the next Johnny Cochrane tho. :P peace

The picture speaks for itself, if you don't get it. If you don't understand then read my previous post.
image create from churchsigns.com
The picture speaks for itself, if you don't get it. If you don't understand then read my previous post.

image create from churchsigns.com

Church Signs Are Fun!!!

Okay people long time since a post and I found this interesting church sign going down the road. I laughed my ass off, but I didn't hit anything that was good maneuvering.

05 May 2005


Congratulations to all of the Herald-Sun Front Page Awards winners all over the 6 county region. I would offer a bigger cheer for the Northern Front Page Award winners Emily (Journalism) and Dorothy (Runner-up in Art) [hope i spelled your name right]. I also one the technology award, but I don't like to gloat that much so I will not. Thanks that is all have a nice day and go see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Hilarious movie.

02 May 2005

Controversy in High School Elections

Today after the announcements of the votes there has been another contraversy in the history of Northern High School. This year, classes yes whole classes did not recieve ballots to vote for their new leader. In a school of this size it is as if a whole state did not vote. Imagine if Florida and Ohio hadn't voted this year, the congress might still be deciding who the president and vice president might be. So will there be a re-vote, or will it be like last year: left hanging with another person cheated of their ability to vote for their candidate. Personally I feel the classes left out should get a chance to vote, if they were not given their select their leader.

26 April 2005

And now you see it.

On the right panel of the sight we now have the Governments infalliable (gay) alert system. I can't believe Bush actually approved of a rainbow as a government program. LOL I kid the president and his gay color code system. Ayt people peace.

17 April 2005


:)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)   :)

04 April 2005

75-70 UNC is it!!!

Yea its UNC 75-70 aby now what? What you gone say now?

03 April 2005

S-Controller stands for S*17-Controller

Please explain to me why you people believe the S-type controller is better. Now I know that I am probably a dissenting view on this, but I honestly love the old "Big and Bulky" controller. If the controller is too big for you then I guess the S-Type is a good choice, but I prefer the original. The S-Type is wierd to play with, because the black and white buttons are at the bottom of the controller instead of the top, and the layout of the analog sticks are the only thing that seem to resemble the original controller (with exception of the colors of the A B X and Y buttons).

31 March 2005

New BoredMan info

We have our first confirmed accredited person besides me:

Dan B. -- Co-Creator BoredMan

More info comming soon

While Talking At

While talking at people today I created a new character. BoredMan. He is the fighter of boredom everywhere. Upates and story lines soon.

29 March 2005

If it doesn't fit you must aquit

You must aquit, probably the most famous words ever spoken by a lawyer, Johnnie Chochran, he has died today. Mr. Cochran was 67 years old and is believed to have a brain tumor (cancer as reported by CNN). Johnnie Cochrane was known for the OJ Simpson case, but he helped liberate a former black panther who was falsely accused, an immigrant who was assaulted by the police, and many other trials. He opened his own law firm, and had a show on Court TV (All of this reported by CNN). We must say that the man was a mastermind when it came to the legal front. He will be remembered by many people, that is all ladies and gentlemen and Johnnie Cochrane thanks for the catch phrases. If it doesn't quit I will quit.

22 March 2005


Okay on it is probably on the next page now, but anyway DAN IS NOT FAKE, he's a cool guy so yea. PEACE MY Hacker Biatches

Cannon Fodder?

Its really sad that hearing about the Michael Jackson trial is actually a relief compared to Terri Schiavo. I don't really like hearing about the two, I think that these two cases should be private; however hearing about MJ's painkillers and lifeforce is actually a relief. It is quite a sad day when this happen. I got one for you, don't mean to sound cold hearted but hear goes: Look the woman's husband knows her, if bush believes in the sanctity of marriage then the woman's husband should know what is best for her. 2 If MJ is guilty he will either be found guilty or he will sleep with more children. Ok that is it. DON"T LET YOUR KIDS CHILL WITH HIM IF YOU THINK HE IS GUILTY YOU PARENTS SHOULD BE THE BLAME NOT MJ WE KNOW HE AINT RIGHT. Now back to Terri Schiavo, I feel that if all that a tube is keeping her alive and the religious people are arguing that God wants to keep her alive, then allow the God to keep her alive without the tube. Evidently she was ment to pass away if she is on a feeding tube. Now here is another one: why is is that in Texas the same thing occurred where a mother wanted to keep her young son alive and yet the doctor disconnected him when she ran out of money. WHY is there nobody freaking out about this if it is truly about the sanctity of life. Evidently it is about the votes from the right and what not; most. Americans don't believe that the Schiavo Bill should have passed Congress. And guess what: It passed the senate with only 3 yes 3 senators present in the Senate Chambers. What is this? Honestly, why did nobody call a quorum? Now I believe that all the members of Congress should be kicked out and all 535 members elected. Okay enough of that have a nice day everyone. Bye

19 March 2005

Dumb Laws

I want to thank everyone who send me some interesting dumb laws. Thanks

Germany: It is illegal for ones car to run out of gas on the Autobahn.

United Kingdom: If you are in your car and run over an animal in the road, it is illegal to stop and pick it up and take home for supper (if its an edible animal of course) But the car behind you is perfectly legal to do so!!

Alabama, USA: It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.

This is taken from TorrentSpy.com

17 March 2005

Steroids and Congress

Hello people, aren't steroids dangerous? Don't we know what they can do to a person, don't we know that for major league baseball players steroids are their own choice? Im here to ask you these rhetorical questions, because I feel my tax dollars are really being wasted today. I honestly feel that these steroids hearings in Congress is completely insane. I think that if MLB cannot prevent the use of steriods in their players, then I feel that the MLB should either close down or allow people to be enthused about overcharged "athletes". I am a fan of MLB, yes but I don't feel that Congress should be taking out 30 minutes over this; either declare steroids illegal for non-medical purposes or shut up and work on health care, the "failing" Social Security plan, our failing economy, our outrages trade deficits with the many different countries in the world. Im just saying there are many more important problems in the country and the world than just some damned steroids. Yes I know that this is important to some people and if you are offended good, that means im doing my job. However, steroids is not an important topic in the great chambers of the United States Congress! I ask the Congressmen and Congresswomen, please work on healthcare, please work on our trade deficit, please work on the outrages deficits ran up by the Bush administration, lets talk about the "failing" Social Security system.

Steroids and Congress

Hello people, aren't steroids dangerous? Don't we know what they can do to a person, don't we know that for major league baseball players steroids are their own choice? Im here to ask you these rhetorical questions, because I feel my tax dollars are really being wasted today. I honestly feel that these steroids hearings in Congress is completely insane. I think that if MLB cannot prevent the use of steriods in their players, then I feel that the MLB should either close down or allow people to be enthused about overcharged "athletes". I am a fan of MLB, yes but I don't feel that Congress should be taking out 30 minutes over this; either declare steroids illegal for non-medical purposes or shut up and work on health care, the "failing" Social Security plan, our failing economy, our outrages trade deficits with the many different countries in the world. Im just saying there are many more important problems in the country and the world than just some damned steroids. Yes I know that this is important to some people and if you are offended good, that means im doing my job. However, steroids is not an important topic in the great chambers of the United States Congress! I ask the Congressmen and Congresswomen, please work on healthcare, please work on our trade deficit, please work on the outrages deficits ran up by the Bush administration, lets talk about the "failing" Social Security system.

08 March 2005

06 March 2005

I might be going to NC State ....

But UNC Basketball is what it is my hacker biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04 March 2005

Its one thing to say, its another to do

Okay we're back to the old game of politics (look at the title of the page). In another attempt to sway Americans to his "Social Security Reform" , president Bush has hit the road again. However, today his rhetoric to how the "Reform" will help social security. This seems to be a major backdown from his "Reform" unplan plan (because it wasn't really considered a plan), in his original plan would cause a major overhaul of the complete Social Security plan, replacing it with a stock market influenced based system. President Bush and other Republicans argued that it would even help out minorities like African Americans, who tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to their caucasian counterparts. This idea would be that the amount of money raised by their death would be given to their families, however, they would recieve only the amount that would be raised to that point of the death. Now I feel that if Social Security is not something to be passed on, and it is not meant to be a major payout it is supposed to help a person, who might have gone through a fiscal downfall. Now I know many of you are arguing with me right now, but this is how I feel, we as Americans (who are not socialists) can actually invest some money in the stock market, and recieve our social security when we reach that ripe age. At that old age we can get our Social Security checks each month, and get our money from the stock market too. Thank you ladies and gentlement, this wass my political rambling for the week.

03 March 2005

Dan is fake and kenneth doesnt suck

and tiesha's pencil is scarry
Rob is playing lax
Mark is not
Heather is no longer here
Heather is here
Alicia is laughing
Laney is standing
Kora is writing
Shamiso is marking with a marker
Amanda is reading
Dan is annoying and in my damn way
I am kenneth
Dan scares nobody
Peace My Hacker Biatches

22 February 2005

Double Post: "Its Over Damnit" and "Yes Thats a Tampon on my Picture"

Hey people, today is such a good fracking day, yes an awesome fracking day. Yes I am using bad grammar, its because the term paper is completed and turned in. All that must be done now is that it will be graded and given back to me. I do know that it will be a good grade, because Im always good at my papers (aside) damn I sound cocky(end aside) So now I am so fracking happy yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post 2:
Yes that is a tampon in the picture, yes that is the commons area of my school, and yes i did take a picture of it. I don't know how itgot there, but I think a girl dropped it on purpose. Another fact is that ther was some ketchup that was dropped on the tampon right before the bell rang, so i didn't get a chance to take a picture of it. And yes this is a lapse in my maturity, and it will be short. Thank you and I hope I get the broncoo its awesome. They are cool   

19 February 2005

Revenge is a dish best served when you have a cold

      Okay my mom keeps going through my room when Im not here, I don't know if its because she thinks I have condoms in my room, or if she thinks I am smoking. Neither of which are true, I guess she thinks Im trying to hide something, I am not. Anyways people here is my recap froim the last two days. Figure out the connection yourself, it should be easy to determine if you realize this prologue.

      Hey people, yesterday I was sick and I didn't go to school. All well and stuff, so I was bored and went into my parents room where I found a bag of party balloons, probably something my mom had when I was a kid and kept. Well anyway I blew up about thirty of about a hundred. I had fun put water in some of them put shaving cream in others, and other stupid things. Well she gets home and looks in the trash can, where I put a few balloon, and then she turns around and says, "Have you been in my room?" I sit there in my own silence for a moment, and she asks again but louder, "Have you been in my room!" "Yes", I said, thinking what the hell the truth won't hurt. "Why did you go into my room?" she asked me. "Because I did, I don't know why." I obviously couldn't tell her it was because I was bored, because I wouldn't be able to stay at home sick anymore I guess I don't know. Then she goes off on a trip about how I yes I messed up the cigarette lighter in the car. I hadn't even touched it, I don't smoke, don't even like it I got her to quit. Then she goes outside and starts to clean up the car, I thought she was going to bring in my parking tag but she didn't. Everything is calm now, my interview went ok, except for the fact I was still wheeling back from this cold and they thought I was nervous, I was not! So that was today and yesterday in a nutshell. Oh yea my points of the day go out to the DMB man who actually used my quote in his away. You wanna know what the quote says? "Life without balls is no life at all (unless your a woman)." I thought it was funny, and I don't really remember why I said it but I did. Anyways Ill talk to you later.

18 February 2005

Let Me Do My Term Paper Damnit!!!

Okay people even though it doesn't seem so on this website, I love to write. I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but its because I have been working on my term paper. I'm only on the 8th page, of 10, and I was going good until people started calling: "Why weren't you at school?" I didn't go today because I woke up and I couldn't talk and my chest felt like a truck came in over night and pumped fresh mucus (sp?) in my chest. So I didn't go to school, so I decided to start writing my term paper, so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. Well it was going good until I got to where I am now, the 8th page. And that is where we meet, Im pumping Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones into my ears and typing away at full speed. Oh yea while Im here, let me share something funny with you all. Microsofts Attempt to save the world from noob's parents or <"A parent's primer to computer slang" Now come on Sim said something very intelligent, only people under the age of 14 use 1337 and some people who are just playin around. Anyway dwtf you are gonna do and let me alone to do my MY DAMN TERM PAPER DAMNIT

05 February 2005

New Profession for the Prez?

How did you become a Muppeteer? by solidfoamsoul
Favorite Muppet:
Muppeteer mentor:Richard Hunt
Yearly Salary:$855
You're re-cast as:Ernie
Main project:Bear in the Big Blue house
Audition proccess:Kidnapped Steve Whitmire, demanding a job for his return
Fired because:you set Elmo on fire
Quiz created with MemeGen!

master puppeter

How did you become a Muppeteer? by solidfoamsoul
Favorite Muppet:
Muppeteer mentor:Brian Henson
Yearly Salary:$37,542
You're re-cast as:Big Bird
Main project:The Muppet Show
Audition proccess:Audtioned with a video tape
Fired because:you beat Frank Oz in fooseball
Quiz created with MemeGen!

02 February 2005

Its been a long time comming

Okay people I promised you that I would have some new art for the website, and I do. Its just not ready yet, Jon sitll has to figure out an appropriate image for the site, and its down to just two: One is a group of rednecks on the back of a truck, with a slogan; and the other is a drawing of sperm flowing around the work Fuck Yea. Now im in for the one with the sperm, because I don't really like rednecks. Okay people give it a few days because snow is in the forecast and if it does snow then I probably won't see Jon for a few days, which means no new picture. Okay anyway peace. Oh yea Jon needs PT, atleast on Senior Night

22 January 2005

double standard?

Okay it is late Im awake and just got off the phone with my ex, yes Im insane but anyways. She was telling about how she liked this guy and she wanted to go out with him. Now I have no problems with this that is the reason why we are not a couple anymore, so we could see new people. Now after she described this mutha fucka to me, I told her about this girl I've been wanting to talk to for a month now and when i tell my ex about her she flips out and claims I don't need a new gf. Now what the fuck is this bitch's problem, when she can hook up/ go out/ whatever with another dude, but if I wanna talk to a new chick its like she's the fuckin antichrist or somethin like that. I dunno its been a fucked up week and Im glad its over. Next one will be positive I promise

21 January 2005

Just Admit it

OKay everyday is a learning day. Today has no exception, today taught me more about fears instead of the normal. I learned that if we hold our fears close to us than we will be defeated or atleast hurt by those fears. And sometimes it is not the actual fear that hurts us. It can be ourselves hiding that fear, that makes us defeat ourselves. Now I realize that im kinda sounding like the wise Yoda on this one, but I want everyone to know that we should embrace our fears, for it is embracing the fear that makes us stronger. So I will tell you all that my biggest fear in the world, is not what you think it is. My fear is looking bad, not being able to do something, and not being able to have confidence in myself, and most of all not being able to do something that other people can do. Now in this case I lied to my mother about not being able to drive in the snow, because it was re-freezng (it was that is not the lie). The lie comes in when I realize that I should be able to pick her up no matter what, so I call her back and lie to her telling her that I can pick her up, because a friend told me that the roads were okay That was the lie, and that is what set up a wierd chain of events leading to a phone call from my mother saying that she will find a way home and that she will not ever need to get a ride from me again. Now we have talked about this and everything appears to be okay now. So I am heading off peace

Looking for more

Yes this an ad for a person looking for something new, but it isn't what you think. I don't need a girlfriend, I don't need someone to chill wit just looking for some artwork to post on the site. I will also now start posting the artwork as a blog image itself and a moblog image. While I cannot pay for it right now it is a good way to get some art on the web.*

*This is not real I just got really bored and decided to put this up here, Jon is the artist of the site but if you are interested in getting some art here email me at bill.snake.charmer@gmail.com

17 January 2005

uncontrolable laughter

Okay I was watching the tele today because there is nothing to do around here, and I saw the preview for "The Forgotten", which I had seen in the theatre, and it is worth the 7 dollars. Well when I saw the movie; I saw it wit some friends and when the scene came where the female Detective (Alfre Woodard) is sucked off of the planet and pulled into the sky. Now this scene is very important to the blog, because I remember the uncontrolable laughter that grew amongst the crew. It was funny as hell, not because it happen to her, but because in all of the previews you see it happen and you know it is going to happen, and right before it happens you start laughing. Now it could be because we are really simple and stupid things like that make us laugh but it was still funny. Alright anyway I recommend "The Forgotten" because it is really thought provoking and you will really get into it. Now there are some scenes that might seem unrealistic, especially the car acident scene, but the movie is still a A-. Now the A+ would go to a movie by Tarintino,because I am a Tarintino fan like that and only his and a few other movies get an A+. Well peace oh and do laugh its good for your health.

15 January 2005


Okay peopel the last few days have been kinda hard for, if you just look at my writing you'd understand. Now we are over that so we can go on and do something more interesting. Today I have for you the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware Software. I've honestly been waiting for this to come about and it finally has. I am running it now and even though it is in Beta it works really well. I love the easy use of it, and surprisingly it is easier to use than Spybot SD. Now back to why I've been waiting for it, now I feel that Microsoft's "Security" has always been a bit lax, and I think it will help out. Now for the basic user the firewall and spyware detector are easy to use and are somewhat secure. Now for Anti-Virus, Microsoft needs some Anti-virus software and then for the most basic users, they wouldn't have to worry about going out to buy Norton or McAfee; Microsoft should bundle (yes bundle BUNDLE!) an antivirus with their next Service Pack or with Longhorn. Anyway its up to you, I believe in bundling software, and I do think that Microsoft shouldn't be having those problems since MAC OSX has a media player bundled with it. Alright enough of that more review comming up soon. Here is the link to the download site. Microsoft Spyware Scan

13 January 2005

Takin out the blade

Takin out my blade tonite
Takin it out a first in 5 years
Takin out my blade tonite
might be the last time.

Takin out my blade tonite
there aint nothin you can do
Takin out my blade tonite,
all because of you

Takin out my blade tonite
cut once, cut it right
takin out my blade tonite
cuttin wit no light.

-Kenneth Glenn

12 January 2005

Nothin ...

Okay I'll start off this post by telling you the major geek I am, I like Battle Star Galatica (BSG) the new one and the old one not the 1980 one, however because it was stupid as hell. Now I am watching the end of BSG (NEW) and Starbuck (A female) is smoking a cigar. Now only that certain female can pull off the cigar smoking and be sexy and it is Starbuck who is that certain woman who can pull of a cigar. Now when I say pull of I mean smoke a damn cigar and look sexy as hell. Now I wanna put a picture up and there will be one, when I can find one. Furthermore, I know you all won't appreciate, to those Im not appologizing, because you have had warning. Okay technically not, because you are reading this after you see the picture; however if you had actually read this post in posted order than you would know about the picture before I even put it up. So your welcome to those who enjoyed, and the rest of you FUCK OFF.

11 January 2005

To you

Alright i've fallen for someone and I can't stand it, everytime i get a chance to ask her out Im always interrupted be it by a bell or whatever. I never get a chance to ask her out, im about to just say fuck it and just ask her out. Okay thats what im gonna do. Peace KG out, o yea i have a poem for her too.

To You

Tickle us do we not laugh
Engage us do we not fight
Steal from us do we not chase

You stole my heart and I need it
Just like I need you
To share with you my heart

Steal from us do we not chase
I chased you and I chased
Im still chasing you and I want to take you

02 January 2005

A Little Late

Okay so I'm a little late Don't PanicDon't Panic , now its not the original BBC series, but it has promise. Maybe it will have the same idea that the original had, at least it will have some good actors. Ford Prefect is Mos Def, he's funny and the role is supposed to be funny so I mean come on lets wait for May 6 th to come and then we will see if the movie is good or not. I hope it is good so people will realize how well Douglas Adams was as a writer.

01 January 2005

It is my plan