22 March 2005

Cannon Fodder?

Its really sad that hearing about the Michael Jackson trial is actually a relief compared to Terri Schiavo. I don't really like hearing about the two, I think that these two cases should be private; however hearing about MJ's painkillers and lifeforce is actually a relief. It is quite a sad day when this happen. I got one for you, don't mean to sound cold hearted but hear goes: Look the woman's husband knows her, if bush believes in the sanctity of marriage then the woman's husband should know what is best for her. 2 If MJ is guilty he will either be found guilty or he will sleep with more children. Ok that is it. DON"T LET YOUR KIDS CHILL WITH HIM IF YOU THINK HE IS GUILTY YOU PARENTS SHOULD BE THE BLAME NOT MJ WE KNOW HE AINT RIGHT. Now back to Terri Schiavo, I feel that if all that a tube is keeping her alive and the religious people are arguing that God wants to keep her alive, then allow the God to keep her alive without the tube. Evidently she was ment to pass away if she is on a feeding tube. Now here is another one: why is is that in Texas the same thing occurred where a mother wanted to keep her young son alive and yet the doctor disconnected him when she ran out of money. WHY is there nobody freaking out about this if it is truly about the sanctity of life. Evidently it is about the votes from the right and what not; most. Americans don't believe that the Schiavo Bill should have passed Congress. And guess what: It passed the senate with only 3 yes 3 senators present in the Senate Chambers. What is this? Honestly, why did nobody call a quorum? Now I believe that all the members of Congress should be kicked out and all 535 members elected. Okay enough of that have a nice day everyone. Bye

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