13 April 2006

A party of ideas

Okay so I was wathing commander and chief tonight, you know the show with the female president. Well its not West Wing, but it is good in its own way. Something struck me funny though, the democratic chairman said that the democrats used to be a "party of ideas." It is is true the democrats had some great ideas welfare reform, equal rights, fair wages, BALANCED BUDGET. Today it seems like the democrats is the party of stupidity, the party could be cashing in on the fact that the republicans are fucking themselves with giant pogo stics. But our stupid ass democrats are just sitting there and they are either fucking themselves while the republicans are getting fucked with the pogo stick or they are screaming some bullshit about how the republicans are this or that. The democrats need to get a fucking brain and tell the public that the Bush Administration is fucking everyone up our collective asses and how the democrats would prevent Bush from fucking us over and over again when the democrats take back the house. But no, the democrats just complain about the minor shit (Iraq is not minor and as you see the democrats aren't really complaining because they don't know how to approach it). On Iraq all the democrats have to do is say "When we first receieved the information about Iraq, we like the rest of the world thought it was trying to obtain WMDs. We know now that this is not true and we now know that the president did not try everythigng to prevent the Iraq war, and therefore we also regret voting for the resolution that gave President Bush to go to war with Iraq." It is that simple, the democrats have to push that out and then they can push their agenda, once they figure out what it is. I would be happy to help them with the agenda, because the democratic party definately needs new blood.