25 August 2005

Well Im back, and so are you.

Well mighty readers of my blog, I have been away for a while just because it is school time at this institution called NCState. Its an amazing experience and beats the hell out of High School. There are long walks nothing too bad, very healthy though. How about you people at northern, how was your first day you have go to tell me about it.

Okay people now we have to get down to business, those who couldn't go to the green day concert should and will regret it (Dan B) you know who I'm talking about right? It was fucking awesome, I skipped the warm up act but like always green day was a blast. The concert has changed since I went to their concert at Walnut Creak, but RBC Center really cannot be called and amputheatre.

My classes are going fine, for those who wanted to know. I have history, english, economics, intro to engineering, and intro to computing environments. For the last one I would take the place out exam, but it is on the same day as the jeopardy tryouts at Southpoint. Maybe I will just get an easy pass in my computing environments class, no complaints. So yea thats really all I can think to talk about. There are some hot chicks here, and not so complicated people to talk to. Well till lata peace ma hacka biatches.

18 August 2005

I enjoy it

Yes I truely do enjoy it when people comment to criticize me. Yes I know the onion is a satire site. Yes I know there isn't anything known as intelligent falling (yet). I was just having fun with it okay people.

10 August 2005

I used some lube today

Well guys you know how it is using lube. Squirt a little out and rub it up and down, so there is so little friction and you can get the job done quick. I mean I don't know about you but I love to get it done quick so I can get my lunch. So I got the lube on the wires and then put them throught the interduct and the crew pulled the wires till we finished The wires were pulled really lubed and I got off.....

of work