30 December 2004

New Years

Okay people like all of the other shameless bloggers out there, I am going to post my new year resolutions:

1) Ignore the idiots.
      -This is hard to do considering that 51% of the country is stupid.

2) Listen to more music
--I got an iPod for christmas (review comming soon) Im gonna use it.

3) Take more pictures
--I got a digital camera for christmas and Im loving it, I also have a camera phone so    definately more pictures.
--The iPod is an iPod Photo, so that means I can put pictures on it to show off (I promise you a review)

4) Hopefully drive more
--Rumor has it my dad will be getting me a new car after the new year so Im gonna drive more after the new year
--Oh if you didn't know my last car was totaled, poor car, but im okay

5) Blog more
--Even though epic scared me (see previous epic post, it has a URL) I still like to blog, and maybe journalists will learn how to blog so that journalism doens't die.

6) Give more tech support
--Thinking of doing something like the broken(dont know about the broken? check the broken by Kevin Rose and Dan Huard. You need Divx to view a video. The shows are pretty interesting and they aren't dry like other things out there.

7) Get a job
--I need some money, and while my dad gives me $60 a week I still need some money, so I can pay for insurance (driving my mom's car) and so I can pay for the gas on her gas guzzler
--Also need some money so I can take the girl I like out. :)

8) Contemplate a new location for the blog
--I like blogger, but I would like a bigger site, so I could post some video (see number 6)

9) Sit back and think
-- Just need to sit and think about life

10) I Only live twice
--Do some wierd ass shit and maybe say "Damn how did I survive?"

27 December 2004


It appears that everybody is bored, yet they don't know that everybody else is bored. Isn't this a conundrum, because if they looked at each others away they would realize that their counterparts are also bored. Now here is my solution im each other call each other, text each other, or even drive to one another; because seeing your aways sayin "Bored call 555-5555" is kinda stupid, either go do something or write a blog. Oh yea im bored to hit me up what the hell this is stupid but maybe ill have conversation with somebody interesting 308-3480 hit me up.

26 December 2004

It is definately Dec. 26th

In light of getting an iPod for Christmas I have of course had to go online to the iTunes music store and download some music. Last night this was not a problem, but today is the opposite. I love Apple Computers, but honestly they should have expected this. For when you sell out of most of your iPods, and give away 13 free songs with them (or atleast mine) you should expect everyone who got an iPod to download at least 13 of the free 13 am I right. So I cannot believe that Apple made this big mistake; however, I still support you 98% (because I can never put full support in anything except for myself need an escape lol ^_^) So if I cannot download music monday I wil have to envoke to 2% clause and start downloading music or buying it from somewhere else. But until then Apple I sill love you, I love the iBooks, G5s (maybe next christmas^_^) and of course to Stability. Anyways Apple and to all my readers have a happy holidays, don't eat too much, don't drink too much, and of course thank Bond for Pussygalore, the best name of a Bond Girl. Like the way Connery puts it "Pussaay Galore"

25 December 2004

Christmas Day

Today should also be known as iPod, day because it seems like eveyrbody and their mother got an iPod for christmas, and if you didn't then your still okay in my book. Its about 9.00 and im tired as hell. I did get an iPod as you can tell by the pic on the site, and I got a camera, which I did not use to take the picture of my iPod okay im boring the hell out of everyone especially myself. I will have a review down the road, happy holidays (I said that because im a liberal) and see you in the new year.

24 December 2004

What the Fuck?

Okay I was going through my cd's to decide which ones to take with me on the way to the family christmas dinner. I ran across a Maroon 5 cd and had no idea where it came from. Then all of a sudden it popped into my head Gena (my ex) and I realized why I had it. I have learned, unfortuantely the hard way, when you are in a relationship that the girl choses the music, and that is why Maroon 5 is in the case. Now don't get me wrong, they actually play their music, its just not something I would usually listent to. Now I remember the night that she brought the cd on the date with us, I had Ludacris, Metallica, Sum 41, Blink 182, and so on. Now I listen to all types of music, but it is something about maroon 5 that I just have to be in the mood to listen to and usually Im not in the mood. It would prolly be before sex. Which is usually what happened, because a lot of action went on in the car. However, im not here to boast, im just making a comment on how girls seem to direct what music guys listen to. And that is pretty much it. So I will see you later.

23 December 2004


Like the caption says below the picture, that is my desktop. I enjoy this software, and it is actually quite simple to you. While the settings icon on the system tray is in Japanese, whatever you need to use is in English. It is also easy to get rid of through the Add/Remove programs in Windows. Here is the link to the site, if you would like to download it and try itHere is the link to the site,if you would like to get it for yourself.

This is my desktop right now, thanks to Madotate. Posted by Hello

22 December 2004

To chose or to lose

Okay, we all know by now about the accident which turned my car into a can of chicken noodle soup that looked like it was horribly opened with a can opener. Now Im looking for a new mode of transport. I have it down to 2 Broncos white and burgandy 3000 and 2800 respectively; or a thunderbird that is green also 2800 all automatic transmission and the two broncos are 4x4. So ill try to get you some pics and get your opinion hit me up on aim for your opinion comments actiong wierd. AIM ::: scarry jeff


this was fun, if you still wanna know what its about hit me up and i get you some info on it. Im tired so im out people pecae.

What if?

Okay we all no santa is a jolly man right? And he eats lots of cookies, now what if one nights his cholestoral gets out of control. What if he has heart attack at your home when he visits. Do you get to keep the presents? Now lets skip all this The Santa Clause movie wit Tim Allen what do you think would happen? Drop em in the comments

21 December 2004

You Fucktard

Probably my favorite word yes word in the world. Fucktard is an awesome word. I love the fucking word its fucking amazing. This morning about 10 I got up and did a little google search for stupid shit my name and stuff, hey i was bored ok. Then I was like okay I know im not the only who uses fucktard so i did a google search of my favorite word and got this. Know it might sound like im doing a shameless plug for Urban Dictionary, but Im not its awesome. So look up ya fav slang word and have fun. You can listen to them to; the pogo stick one is the most hilarious.

20 December 2004

In School

In school its the final exam of the semester, yes. Unfortunately it was French, kinda sucked but it was easy. If the french used |337 i would be 3|173 elite

Ha Ha holla back my hacka biatches

19 December 2004

Temptation is a bitch

If you are the one why does it feel like this
Why do I feel I don't need you, is it me?
Am I fucked up in the head
Do I have a problem why in the hell do i feel i don't need you
but then i do why?
Like the question asker I have infinate questions but finite time.
I dont have an answer to give myself and Im fucked in the head
Or is it just my emotions playing with me?
What the fuck is my problem?

Temptation is a bitch

Wow, I can' believe I actually fell for it. Guys if your ex's ever make u an offer no matter how fuckin desperate you are don't take it!!! I went over to her house today and we played around and had a little fun and now she won't stop calling me about getting back together. Why won't she realize it was a lil fun that was it. Im not lookin for a new relationship with her, I can't even stand her really it was the sex that was the best part. So now I hope she reads this and understands what I mean

End of the year

Fuck its the end of the year, and it seems the same but people always got to make somethin out of nothin, damned countdowns all i wanna do is see some videos, but i guess its a signal maybe ill just go outside and take a hike or run around the yard, not sure yet talk to ya lata. No new pics yet.

17 December 2004

Kinda Scared

Wow what will we be doing in 10 years? Possibly reading pre-edited specialized news for ourselves, thanks to Googlzone and epic. check it out here Google's Future Kinda Freaky/Kinda Scarry Help us all

16 December 2004

You are the one

When I see you there alone,
in a sea of people
People, who are bland
You are like that rose in the sand
the one that sticks out,
that i reach to pick up with my hand.

You have the beauty of the rose
but the pain is gone.
When Im with you its like the thorns are

This is to you that only one, who knows I am there, who knows my feelings, who knows my i don't know what. This is to you the only one.

Exams Vol.1

First day of exams and people are trippin out. They're afraid the're gonna fail, and I just laugh. You should have been ready for it dumbass, its not like it would have taken a lot to do. Just pay attention in class thats all that needs to be done. Okay I know all of you are asking, what in the hell am I talking about. Personally I don't know its just whats going on. I promise you I am working on a tech article that will come out soon; furthermore, I will have more of a slanted viewpoint from an outsider, which will soon be the name of this blog.

14 December 2004

Like it don't you

Hey you like the little comic don't you? Yea you can say thanks to my boy Jon, drawin it for me; probably the boredom in physics too. I don't have much to say tonight, because Im getting ready for exams and Im kinda tired. Oh yeah in lite of my recent entry; no appologies if you were offended, because if you were offended that means you probably would have said somethin to my boy, like what happend earlier. Thats all i gots to say, so ill talk to ya lata peace.

P3/\<3 Kg

12 December 2004

Free Gmail Invites

I know in my last post I said that I would email the invites, well I changed my mind.

Update: People have already clicked the links, if you want another invite hit me up I might have some more in a few weeks.

Take them now

New approach

Instead of actually just putting my day to day events down on this blog, I am actually going to use it to inform people of something more than my life. Now I am going to still post whats up, but Im gonna put the tech and politik back into my blog. I think it is something that is missing and needs to be added back again. So if you think that tech reviews and political reviews are a bad thing then post it in my comments section. Oh yeah if you are interested in a free gmail invite email me bill.snake.charmer@gmail.com

11 December 2004

Picture blog

Oh yea update!!!! I have a moblog, which i a blog on the go, basically just pictures. The first one is of the DMB he knows and pretty much everybody knows who he is. He was trying to eat my phone so my friend (she will remain nameless) took a picture and I accidently sent it to my moblog, and unless he says something Im goin to keep it there.

The rules got changed and now there is a new game

Okay people, there is this chick i like and I have been thinking about asking her out for about 3 weeks now. See first of all you must know that its hard for me to ask out a girl I know, i mean Know as in her first name last name, adress and phone number before trying to get it. So it has taken me this long and when I was going to ask to talk to her alone (we were in front of friends) she asks me, " I heard somebody likes me do you know who it is?" I told her " I have no idea, but I can find out." well i would have said something but I was infront of a girl who I feel likes me and I didn't want to piss her off or embarass her. So know I am certain that I know what I am going to do: I going to go up to the girl I like and tell her "I found out who likes you, its me. I didn't want to say anything to you friday because we were infront of mutual friends and ..." you all get the point. So instead of doing my usual I am force to either move in now or never talk to her period. Night.

Comment Section Update

Oh yes people, everyone can now post comments on my blog.
Beauty, you would think so but not after SP2 hell I went through to get here. Night before last I got fed up with my computer crashing, see previous post. So now I reinstalled windows and all is well. Not really, I had to reinstall SP2, reconfigure my network settings damned 169.192.x.x bullshit and my DNS info. Now you would think everything is okay but I still have XP hell on my hands. I have to activate XP and the Activation Server is down. Now while I can call Microsoft Activation support, but those people are annoying as hell and I have done it before; it took me 4 hours, yes
4 HOURS to activate my mom's computer. It is totally fucking insane. Now people Im not being mean to you, don't take it that way. Now please if you have any suggestions, just post them in my content section or im me with AIM at scarry jeff.

Peace, and please i actually need computer help.

10 December 2004

Damn You Service Pack 2!!!!

Yes I said it damn you SP2. My computer started to crash, and since it started right after I installed SP2 I assumed it was SP2. Unfortunately, I uninstalled SP2 and all hell broke loose. Now I have re-installed windows XP and SP2 yes I did it. It worked better with my computer, and did not cause it to crash. The crashes were my fault (sneezes) dust was everywhere. So I got some new fans put them in cleaned out my case and cpu fan and everything is back to normal.

Oh yeah, people times get tough, and life might start to suck; however, your strong and stay in there, fight the good fights! Now go out there and fight my hacker Biaches.

09 December 2004

Red Alert my Hacker Biaches

Lol, thank you ramsie (i know i fucked up the spelling of your name go to to find out what im talking about. Anyway to those who use laptops where the name says they are supposed to be; you guys might kill your potential to become a daddy. Yeah I know, it sounds really fucked up, but CNN is reporting it and yes I get most of my news from CNN. In other news, I have nothing to talk about
except for killing future daddy potential yea kinda sad, but its a slow day for new. Peace people.

06 December 2004

Been a while

Okay people its been a while since i have hit the board. I haven't been up to much except for my term paper (thats why I haven't been bloggin lately) Oh yeah the new TSS SUCKS.
I feel sorry for the only techtv TSSers left, Kevin and Sarah, because they look so uncomfortable, probably because they don't know if their next to be kicked off. I wish it was the good ol days with Leo and Kate, or Leo and Pat, or Pat and Kevin, hell even Alex and Kevin. Just do something, cause it sucks and they know they suck thats the worse part about it. And yes I know Kevin said its the new version, but I have always believed don't fix it if its not broken.

22 November 2004

Lag Time

This goes out to all of my friends in the CS world who have horrible latency/lag time. You can still play with it, but youll get kicked, even if you do kick ass. Saturday night I was playin on a CS-Source room and I had a latency of 500 which if anyone knows is horrible, and I was still beastin the hell out of those bitches, till they kicked me. Punk ass bitches were afraid of getting killed by a dude wit 500 lag. Well thats it P3^<3

20 November 2004


Somebody once said, that if you tell one person something than it would be retold and reformed twenty times over. I believe that very much, so I will tell you all this therefore if you want to tell somebody else you can tell them to go to here. There is somebody out there who I am totally fascinated with, and she has no idea that I am fascinated by her; or atleast that is what I think I think she knows. But since no guy knows what any girl is thinking, she probably already knows I like her. So here I am typing this to you all even though nobody out there reads this, contemplating how Im gonna ask her out and then actually finding the guts to do it. It is wierd, I don't have a problem going up to a girl I don't know, but if i know the girl than i don't have a chance at all, can somebody tell me what in the hell is my problem, and how in the hell can i solve it. Again it goes back to somebody its always somebody. Yet thinking about it I think I am the only person who can solve my problem, and the next time I see her I will solve it. Night l337s P3/\<3

Don't Do it man

Okay nothing has been happening, i've been a gamer geek lately beating Half-Life2 which totally fuckin rocked, I beat halo 2 last week which was good, but the ending was blatenly clear there will be a Halo 3 and if there isn't the masses will burn down Bungie and Microsoft. So now I can leave the house and actually intereact with people. And yes im gonna do it, now what ?

16 November 2004

Gone Wild Video

After 3 days and now 13 new views(just kidding its been more than 130) I have realized that people really are bored and I will now offer the new Gone Wild Video, which should bring in new viewers, again I am kidding. I am actually just in the media center right now, checking my mail and to see if anyone commented on my "Hot News" blog from last night, and as I suspected nobody did; what a surprise nobody did. Of course if you are reading and are just too lazy to actually post something than get off your ass and read my school blog! Here is an excerpt: "DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR!" Now do it either write a comment or just do something else, I am writing this for constructive criticism, not for everyone's enjoyment.

Of Course I am just kidding everybody, this blog is to have something stupid, or boring to read just like an old English I-III class. Now go out and do something before the world goes to hell in a handbasket, because it will and I will laugh when your in that handbasket. LOL Pe/\[3 (PEACE)

15 November 2004

Hot News Figuratively and Literally

Wow today was a helluva day at the White House Colin Powell (Secratary of State), the Energy Secratary, Agricultural Secratary, and the Education Secratary have left. Oh and on top of it all everybody's favorite (yeah right) Condi Rice has been appointed as President Bush's new Secratary of State, yes it all has to go throught the Senate, but we know she'll get passed; lets get her the frell out of the NSA chair PLEASE. Now for the literal hot news, a man torched himself in front of the White House today. It makes me think that maybe we all should take protesting to the new lever, now I shouldn't make fun of this because the man might be mentally disturbed, and I do not make fun of the mentally disturbed. Oh yes I am announcing my run for the Presidency of the United States of America, now while I can't actually be president until I am 35 I am announcing my canidacy for 2028, 24 years from now. While most of you are probably thinking what in the hell is he talking about, there are atleast five of you who know I am serious as hell. I actually do have my campaign manager, who at this time shall remain nameless. Thank You my fellow americans I hope to be innaugurated in Janurary, 2029.


To further bore you with the boring details of my life, and I am going to write to you all from school, even though only 11 people are actually reading this. Today, right now, this very moment as I am typing this I am in my fifth period class. My fifth period is Media Center Assistant, and the class itself is actually quite fun, when there is something to do. If I don't have anything to do I sit down and wait for somebody to tell me to do something, usually computer related. None of this I mind, it is just the waiting that upsets me. I cannot stand to not be doing anything; it makes me feel useless and as if I have no purpose in life, and no this is not a suicide not, I don't do that sort of thing. I make it sound like its a drug, when I actually mean that I don't do things for my own selfishness. Okay thats enough about suicide, its bringin me down to a new low point. Back to school, it is okay grades are okay, like always they could be better.

Okay I will not bore you anylonger, so I will shutup and cease this stupid message. Have a good day, and please actually do something; DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR.

14 November 2004

Who Are You?

Okay your probably wandering WTF? but Im not actually asking who you are. Im refering to the famed question you get when you have talked to someone online and they put you in their buddy list. I have talked to countess number of people online ever since I was five years old, and I have only asked this question 3 times. Not Kidding you I have only asked it 3 times. On 2 occasions I have ended up telling the person nevermind, the other ocassion I realized why I stopped talking to her, and told her to go fuck herself (the only girl i mean to call a bitch). Now this never happens in public, you see someone you know and then you go up to them and say hey I remember you from wherever and if they remember you its all cool. If they don't then you say gooday. Now today I bring this up cause the girl I called a bitch imed me today and asked me who I was. I laughed for a minute and then realized she was being serious, she didnt know who I was so I made up this insane story and told her I was a game programmer and she believed me. It was acutally quite funny when I sent her my pic and she was like:

m*****sy**j*k897:   Oh I know who you are you called me a bitch.
scarry_jeff:    i did and i meant it too
m*****sy**j*k897:   yea but i didn't mean to be kinda bitchy to you actually i wanted to appologize
scarry_jeff:   its all coo, i just didn like it how you were talkin to me like that
m*****sy**j*k897:   Well I got to go, i guess Ill se you online again?
scarry_jeff   maybe not sure.

see the conversation wasn't that good but it happened. That was pretty much how my sunday is going so far talking to people I have never truely seen. Cya


Also My Condolences to ODB's family, he died Saturday in RZA's NY recording studio.

13 November 2004


To those who use the F2 and the ** im frelling tired of you using that stupid ass shit. It is so fucking annoying that it pisses me off and makes me not want to talk to you. Now I realize that you think its the shit, and you know what it isn't and if you think it is than you need to get your frelling brain checked. Now to my second statement, this is my second post and I had to vent. Oh yea get rid of the frelling stars, cause next time I won't use scapetalk to cover up my damn cussin.
Sup, this iis my first post ever on Blogger.com Im using the w.Bloggar tool to see if it actually works. Tell me