11 December 2004

Beauty, you would think so but not after SP2 hell I went through to get here. Night before last I got fed up with my computer crashing, see previous post. So now I reinstalled windows and all is well. Not really, I had to reinstall SP2, reconfigure my network settings damned 169.192.x.x bullshit and my DNS info. Now you would think everything is okay but I still have XP hell on my hands. I have to activate XP and the Activation Server is down. Now while I can call Microsoft Activation support, but those people are annoying as hell and I have done it before; it took me 4 hours, yes
4 HOURS to activate my mom's computer. It is totally fucking insane. Now people Im not being mean to you, don't take it that way. Now please if you have any suggestions, just post them in my content section or im me with AIM at scarry jeff.

Peace, and please i actually need computer help.

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