26 December 2004

It is definately Dec. 26th

In light of getting an iPod for Christmas I have of course had to go online to the iTunes music store and download some music. Last night this was not a problem, but today is the opposite. I love Apple Computers, but honestly they should have expected this. For when you sell out of most of your iPods, and give away 13 free songs with them (or atleast mine) you should expect everyone who got an iPod to download at least 13 of the free 13 am I right. So I cannot believe that Apple made this big mistake; however, I still support you 98% (because I can never put full support in anything except for myself need an escape lol ^_^) So if I cannot download music monday I wil have to envoke to 2% clause and start downloading music or buying it from somewhere else. But until then Apple I sill love you, I love the iBooks, G5s (maybe next christmas^_^) and of course to Stability. Anyways Apple and to all my readers have a happy holidays, don't eat too much, don't drink too much, and of course thank Bond for Pussygalore, the best name of a Bond Girl. Like the way Connery puts it "Pussaay Galore"

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