30 June 2005

Clown sex and fetishes.

Okay I thought this would be an awesome title to a blog. Okay Im sorry but im watchin CSI, and the episode is where a clown is killed. OKay well what happened was that a woman has a clown fetish and is fucking the clowns she hires. However this time it is different, her husband walks in during the clown sex and kills the clown. The key, they kept the suit; now if my hypothetical wife had a clown fetish I would get rid of her ass, I mean wtf? A fucking clown fetish (meant literally and figuratively) it is really sick, clowns are scary as hell and don't tell me they aren't

School's Curse

DISCLAIMER: There will be a continuing log of some of my dreams. This is just so i can analyze them. I am doing this because every year after school ends and right before it starts back up (since grade 6) I have had wierd ass dreams about my friends, and school rivals. Just a warning, nothing for you yet, I have to get it to paper first.

Okay to the normal things, I have been in this phase of Alanis Morresette, she can actually sing and write her own songs (amazing that it still actually happens this way) Well I listened to this one song "Forgiven" on the Jagged Little Pill CD and I can't stop thinkning of Lea, if you don't know who that is don't worry bout it she probably would never meet you. Well this is wierd cuz ive never acutally had this feeling about her before. Well I need to go see ya lata.

27 June 2005

Land of the totaly fucking funny.

LOL, okay people I saw land of the dead with lea this weekend, I must say that it was a totaly fucking funny movie as the title of my blog suggests. I went in there knowing that I wouldn't have been scared, because I am not one to be scared by minor shit, shit that scares me is WMD, Lies about WMD, People with another shrub like name, Seeing Dick on tv, and many of the other right wing fuckers. Okay enough of this rant, I just wanted to say that Land of the Dead was funny to me but people were jumping all around me.

24 June 2005

What the ((explitive deleted)) !!!

LOL okay I did the explitive thing, so no google is not censoring. Just wanted to link you to the new fuck site of the week. Its a site that I will release each friday so you may see how fucked up the world is. By the way it probably will not be a porn site, unless its a really fucked up porn site. LOL, okay here it is the first Fuck site of the week

What the !!!

LOL okay I did the explitive thing, so no google is not censoring. Just wanted to link you to the new fuck site of the week. Its a site that I will release each friday so you may see how fucked up the world is. By the way it probably will not be a porn site, unless its a really fucked up porn site. LOL, okay here it is the first Fuck site of the week

you are acid (LSD) or mushrooms. you are quiet,
thoughtful, but if you are leaning towards acid
you may have more paranoid/nervous tendencies.
you are very smart and intellectual but may
think in radical ways.

what drug are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

22 June 2005

Selective Service

   Okay well I've done it I've put my name to the line of the selective service. From what the law of the selective service shows, if I waited until I turned 26 I would not have to worry about signing up; the problem is if I was discovered not to have signed up and I did not sign up when I was discovered I could and probably be would be found guilty of breaking federal law.

Cool Effect

You know what is cool is when you put hydrogen peroxide on a bleeding scab and when the peroxide mixes with the blood and starts to kill the bacteria the red effect of the bubbles is so wierd. Haha peace

21 June 2005

No I haven't gone soft

No I havent gone soft on you guys, becauise I am not soft. Animals pretty much just dogs, not a big fan of many other animals don't get me wrong they are good creatures Ijust have a special love for dogs. This explains the picture of the puppies in the corner of the site. Yes they are mine, no they are not for sale and yes their pictures were taken by my camera phone (323-5671). Just in case you didn't know the number lol. Okay well back to the puppies, the one that is brown with white on his face is Scout, the pure brown one is Loraine and the blond one is aptly named Blondie. Well that is it for now, peace.

You who know me, know I'll do it. If I don't get any comments, if I don't get atleast 3 comments the little duck will get it damnit!

20 June 2005

late nite + early mornin = very exhausted

late nite + early mornin = very exhausted, prolly be up round 1 - 2 i dunno
New Phone btw 323-5671
for those who don't know the area code, you don't need to call me then. Alrigt im goin to bed later people.

16 June 2005

i'm back

Yea Im back XP is reinstalled. Now im cooking dinner and playing san andreas. Yea its fun, and san andreas is even better cept for the "wrong side of the tracks" mission which is a biatch. Well Ill blog yall people later peace

12 June 2005

Down Time

In a few minutes I will pour my first cup of green tea and begin the long process of killing and re-installiing Windows XP. It is a long process but that is where the green tea comes in handy, and plus I mean come on it has to be done atleast twice a year. So I figure after mid-terms and after the end of the school year is the best tiume to do it. I have modified my schedule since I am going into college next year but the premis is the same. KILL XP, lol ttyl. NO MOBO probs rick trust me, I won an award.

Chinese gamer sentenced to life

Sim, you might get a kick out of this story. A man killed a person over a game sword. Its sad and funny as hell. LOL I can't believe someone actually died over a damn game its just sick. Steven you might wanna watch ya back.

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11 June 2005

EPIC is back, and now with podcasting

Its back from the future, to tell us whats up. Now from 2015, the EPIC story still has the same basic background googlezon takes over the world. Yet now there is a little glimmer of hope, podcasting with apple's "wi-fi pod" lets people say whats happening on the street. Torrent link includeded:

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09 June 2005

GMerge Shut Down

GMerge, the Python script that stitches together Google Maps images to make high-res wallpaper, has been shut down. Sorry, I'm not sure what category this should be in.

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08 June 2005

Its not your fault she can't fire off, it might be her mother/fathers

In this BBC article, it describes that the female orgasm might have a genetic link behind it and not a technique of the squelchy. Read it for your self.

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Internet2: It's better, it's faster. You can't use it.

"Internet2 was never designed to replace the Internet most of us are using now. It's more like a beach or a restaurantâ??great when not too many people know about it, frustrating when everybody and his mother starts to show up."

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The Game has Stopped

Okay people I have made my decision, Im not going to accept the job at gamestop. After 9 hours of sleep, 3 hours of deliberation, and 2 bowls of cereal (Fruity Pebbles Bitches!!!), I finally let out one sigh and said "Id rather work at best buy anyway bitch!," who was I talking to I have no idea. Anyway I just wanted to give you guys that update, peace.

07 June 2005

The Game Stops.... Here

   Well I went to a job interniew at gamestop today, lets just say the experience was ... interesting. One of the things me and the manager talked about was intimidation (sp?); one thing you should all know about me is that I'm rarely intimidated people do not scare me obstacles (*thanks jon*) do not scare me the only thing that intimidates me is my dad (lol). The manager said to me, "I would be weary if one of my employees were not intimidated by the work, I would show that they are not interested in the job in making sales of subscriptions and pre-orders." I stood there for a minute thinking about what he said and I instanly knew I didn't want to work there, not because of the intimidation comment itself, but just his attitude about it. He said it to me like I didnt give a damn about wokirng there, and I wanted to work there. I do not now. So if they call me back I might accept might not; post comments or hit me up on AIM.

06 June 2005

Pac Man is Back and Human

In a bbc tech write-up there is a real life simulation of the classic 80s game that every geek has played at least 17,683 times. Seems interesting not to mention the HUD that is put in the helmet. The only drawback is the wierd vest you have to wear.

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05 June 2005


Where do you go on from here? Do I like to sing the song of endless remorse, a remorse for the world, for the people who do evil things? It is due to such afore mentioned people the world is in such decay. It has nothing to do with sex on television; or so called "gangsta rap"; the pants that might ride too low or too tight; republican or democrat; it is due to the people who do evil things.

People believe I have a hatred for Republicans, and for a while I thought that I did, but I do and did not. I just don't agree with their politics (philosophies) and not all of them some of the republicans philosophies are really well thought out and agreeable. The people who I do have contempt for are the people who try to do harm to those who cannot defend themselves: the little man, the underdog, the forgotten. What these evil people do the less fortunate is a heresy in itself, and should never be defended. Those with power should help and protect the less fortunate [This is not some radical left wing socialist agenda Jesus helped the little man, preached and that the little man should be helped.] I feel that people who take the Holy Bible and use it to undermine the people's rights have also committed sin, for it is similar to using the Lord's name and word in vain. Now I know I'm not a practicing Christian, but I do occasionally read scripture and talk about it; I am just a guy jotting a few thoughts down. I honestly don't know all of Jesus disciples (but they don't know me either); and I don't know all of the 10 commandments.

I guess I should explain why I don't "practice"; I feel that religion should be a private matter, which at most should be shared with the family. I do not need someone to tell me what is good and what is bad. I am a human with able cognitive abilities, and I know shooting someone is not only morally irreprehensible but legally wrong. It is in fact one of the reasons I will not hit anyone, I feel it is wrong. I will react in self-defense, please don't believe I will not, but I don't go looking for fights either.

The only fights I tend to fight are ideological fights; because it tends to have an effect on everyone, and I feel that the good should go to the many not the few. This tends to put me against some people, if it is for the betterment of the people so be it. For this I have been accused of being a communist, I AM NOT A COMMUNIST I don't believe this communist, communism will not work, because it is forced upon the people this really goes against the idea of socialism anyway because it is not really for the people.

You cannot force people to be a socialist it is not inherent in people to be socialist, because most people look out for themselves first. This is not because they are inherently greedy, it is a long drawn out survival instinct. For some this instinct has been forged away deep down never to be tapped, unless something causes this survival instinct to expose itself.

On the note of survival I think I will end this. It has been interesting to re-read and write. It has been fun too; it has allowed me to see who I am as a person, and show people who I am as a person. I now realize I embrace 2 different yet similar religions, which might seem weird but it is true. I am a Buddhist, because I want to seek inner peace and tranquility (selfishly I guess [goes back to survival]). I am also a Christian (with no denomination), for a long time I was agnostic and then became a Buddhist and now I know most religions are all the same (in the basics) belief in a higher being, morality, having faith, having to trust in people, and finally realizing true tranquility must be sought with the help of others.

Well gentlemen and ladies; girls and boys on this note my essay is over it is finished.

Ken Glenn