22 January 2005

double standard?

Okay it is late Im awake and just got off the phone with my ex, yes Im insane but anyways. She was telling about how she liked this guy and she wanted to go out with him. Now I have no problems with this that is the reason why we are not a couple anymore, so we could see new people. Now after she described this mutha fucka to me, I told her about this girl I've been wanting to talk to for a month now and when i tell my ex about her she flips out and claims I don't need a new gf. Now what the fuck is this bitch's problem, when she can hook up/ go out/ whatever with another dude, but if I wanna talk to a new chick its like she's the fuckin antichrist or somethin like that. I dunno its been a fucked up week and Im glad its over. Next one will be positive I promise

21 January 2005

Just Admit it

OKay everyday is a learning day. Today has no exception, today taught me more about fears instead of the normal. I learned that if we hold our fears close to us than we will be defeated or atleast hurt by those fears. And sometimes it is not the actual fear that hurts us. It can be ourselves hiding that fear, that makes us defeat ourselves. Now I realize that im kinda sounding like the wise Yoda on this one, but I want everyone to know that we should embrace our fears, for it is embracing the fear that makes us stronger. So I will tell you all that my biggest fear in the world, is not what you think it is. My fear is looking bad, not being able to do something, and not being able to have confidence in myself, and most of all not being able to do something that other people can do. Now in this case I lied to my mother about not being able to drive in the snow, because it was re-freezng (it was that is not the lie). The lie comes in when I realize that I should be able to pick her up no matter what, so I call her back and lie to her telling her that I can pick her up, because a friend told me that the roads were okay That was the lie, and that is what set up a wierd chain of events leading to a phone call from my mother saying that she will find a way home and that she will not ever need to get a ride from me again. Now we have talked about this and everything appears to be okay now. So I am heading off peace

Looking for more

Yes this an ad for a person looking for something new, but it isn't what you think. I don't need a girlfriend, I don't need someone to chill wit just looking for some artwork to post on the site. I will also now start posting the artwork as a blog image itself and a moblog image. While I cannot pay for it right now it is a good way to get some art on the web.*

*This is not real I just got really bored and decided to put this up here, Jon is the artist of the site but if you are interested in getting some art here email me at bill.snake.charmer@gmail.com

17 January 2005

uncontrolable laughter

Okay I was watching the tele today because there is nothing to do around here, and I saw the preview for "The Forgotten", which I had seen in the theatre, and it is worth the 7 dollars. Well when I saw the movie; I saw it wit some friends and when the scene came where the female Detective (Alfre Woodard) is sucked off of the planet and pulled into the sky. Now this scene is very important to the blog, because I remember the uncontrolable laughter that grew amongst the crew. It was funny as hell, not because it happen to her, but because in all of the previews you see it happen and you know it is going to happen, and right before it happens you start laughing. Now it could be because we are really simple and stupid things like that make us laugh but it was still funny. Alright anyway I recommend "The Forgotten" because it is really thought provoking and you will really get into it. Now there are some scenes that might seem unrealistic, especially the car acident scene, but the movie is still a A-. Now the A+ would go to a movie by Tarintino,because I am a Tarintino fan like that and only his and a few other movies get an A+. Well peace oh and do laugh its good for your health.

15 January 2005


Okay peopel the last few days have been kinda hard for, if you just look at my writing you'd understand. Now we are over that so we can go on and do something more interesting. Today I have for you the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware Software. I've honestly been waiting for this to come about and it finally has. I am running it now and even though it is in Beta it works really well. I love the easy use of it, and surprisingly it is easier to use than Spybot SD. Now back to why I've been waiting for it, now I feel that Microsoft's "Security" has always been a bit lax, and I think it will help out. Now for the basic user the firewall and spyware detector are easy to use and are somewhat secure. Now for Anti-Virus, Microsoft needs some Anti-virus software and then for the most basic users, they wouldn't have to worry about going out to buy Norton or McAfee; Microsoft should bundle (yes bundle BUNDLE!) an antivirus with their next Service Pack or with Longhorn. Anyway its up to you, I believe in bundling software, and I do think that Microsoft shouldn't be having those problems since MAC OSX has a media player bundled with it. Alright enough of that more review comming up soon. Here is the link to the download site. Microsoft Spyware Scan

13 January 2005

Takin out the blade

Takin out my blade tonite
Takin it out a first in 5 years
Takin out my blade tonite
might be the last time.

Takin out my blade tonite
there aint nothin you can do
Takin out my blade tonite,
all because of you

Takin out my blade tonite
cut once, cut it right
takin out my blade tonite
cuttin wit no light.

-Kenneth Glenn

12 January 2005

Nothin ...

Okay I'll start off this post by telling you the major geek I am, I like Battle Star Galatica (BSG) the new one and the old one not the 1980 one, however because it was stupid as hell. Now I am watching the end of BSG (NEW) and Starbuck (A female) is smoking a cigar. Now only that certain female can pull off the cigar smoking and be sexy and it is Starbuck who is that certain woman who can pull of a cigar. Now when I say pull of I mean smoke a damn cigar and look sexy as hell. Now I wanna put a picture up and there will be one, when I can find one. Furthermore, I know you all won't appreciate, to those Im not appologizing, because you have had warning. Okay technically not, because you are reading this after you see the picture; however if you had actually read this post in posted order than you would know about the picture before I even put it up. So your welcome to those who enjoyed, and the rest of you FUCK OFF.

11 January 2005

To you

Alright i've fallen for someone and I can't stand it, everytime i get a chance to ask her out Im always interrupted be it by a bell or whatever. I never get a chance to ask her out, im about to just say fuck it and just ask her out. Okay thats what im gonna do. Peace KG out, o yea i have a poem for her too.

To You

Tickle us do we not laugh
Engage us do we not fight
Steal from us do we not chase

You stole my heart and I need it
Just like I need you
To share with you my heart

Steal from us do we not chase
I chased you and I chased
Im still chasing you and I want to take you

02 January 2005

A Little Late

Okay so I'm a little late Don't PanicDon't Panic , now its not the original BBC series, but it has promise. Maybe it will have the same idea that the original had, at least it will have some good actors. Ford Prefect is Mos Def, he's funny and the role is supposed to be funny so I mean come on lets wait for May 6 th to come and then we will see if the movie is good or not. I hope it is good so people will realize how well Douglas Adams was as a writer.

01 January 2005

It is my plan