21 January 2005

Just Admit it

OKay everyday is a learning day. Today has no exception, today taught me more about fears instead of the normal. I learned that if we hold our fears close to us than we will be defeated or atleast hurt by those fears. And sometimes it is not the actual fear that hurts us. It can be ourselves hiding that fear, that makes us defeat ourselves. Now I realize that im kinda sounding like the wise Yoda on this one, but I want everyone to know that we should embrace our fears, for it is embracing the fear that makes us stronger. So I will tell you all that my biggest fear in the world, is not what you think it is. My fear is looking bad, not being able to do something, and not being able to have confidence in myself, and most of all not being able to do something that other people can do. Now in this case I lied to my mother about not being able to drive in the snow, because it was re-freezng (it was that is not the lie). The lie comes in when I realize that I should be able to pick her up no matter what, so I call her back and lie to her telling her that I can pick her up, because a friend told me that the roads were okay That was the lie, and that is what set up a wierd chain of events leading to a phone call from my mother saying that she will find a way home and that she will not ever need to get a ride from me again. Now we have talked about this and everything appears to be okay now. So I am heading off peace

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