17 January 2005

uncontrolable laughter

Okay I was watching the tele today because there is nothing to do around here, and I saw the preview for "The Forgotten", which I had seen in the theatre, and it is worth the 7 dollars. Well when I saw the movie; I saw it wit some friends and when the scene came where the female Detective (Alfre Woodard) is sucked off of the planet and pulled into the sky. Now this scene is very important to the blog, because I remember the uncontrolable laughter that grew amongst the crew. It was funny as hell, not because it happen to her, but because in all of the previews you see it happen and you know it is going to happen, and right before it happens you start laughing. Now it could be because we are really simple and stupid things like that make us laugh but it was still funny. Alright anyway I recommend "The Forgotten" because it is really thought provoking and you will really get into it. Now there are some scenes that might seem unrealistic, especially the car acident scene, but the movie is still a A-. Now the A+ would go to a movie by Tarintino,because I am a Tarintino fan like that and only his and a few other movies get an A+. Well peace oh and do laugh its good for your health.

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