15 January 2005


Okay peopel the last few days have been kinda hard for, if you just look at my writing you'd understand. Now we are over that so we can go on and do something more interesting. Today I have for you the new Microsoft Anti-Spyware Software. I've honestly been waiting for this to come about and it finally has. I am running it now and even though it is in Beta it works really well. I love the easy use of it, and surprisingly it is easier to use than Spybot SD. Now back to why I've been waiting for it, now I feel that Microsoft's "Security" has always been a bit lax, and I think it will help out. Now for the basic user the firewall and spyware detector are easy to use and are somewhat secure. Now for Anti-Virus, Microsoft needs some Anti-virus software and then for the most basic users, they wouldn't have to worry about going out to buy Norton or McAfee; Microsoft should bundle (yes bundle BUNDLE!) an antivirus with their next Service Pack or with Longhorn. Anyway its up to you, I believe in bundling software, and I do think that Microsoft shouldn't be having those problems since MAC OSX has a media player bundled with it. Alright enough of that more review comming up soon. Here is the link to the download site. Microsoft Spyware Scan

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