22 November 2004

Lag Time

This goes out to all of my friends in the CS world who have horrible latency/lag time. You can still play with it, but youll get kicked, even if you do kick ass. Saturday night I was playin on a CS-Source room and I had a latency of 500 which if anyone knows is horrible, and I was still beastin the hell out of those bitches, till they kicked me. Punk ass bitches were afraid of getting killed by a dude wit 500 lag. Well thats it P3^<3

20 November 2004


Somebody once said, that if you tell one person something than it would be retold and reformed twenty times over. I believe that very much, so I will tell you all this therefore if you want to tell somebody else you can tell them to go to here. There is somebody out there who I am totally fascinated with, and she has no idea that I am fascinated by her; or atleast that is what I think I think she knows. But since no guy knows what any girl is thinking, she probably already knows I like her. So here I am typing this to you all even though nobody out there reads this, contemplating how Im gonna ask her out and then actually finding the guts to do it. It is wierd, I don't have a problem going up to a girl I don't know, but if i know the girl than i don't have a chance at all, can somebody tell me what in the hell is my problem, and how in the hell can i solve it. Again it goes back to somebody its always somebody. Yet thinking about it I think I am the only person who can solve my problem, and the next time I see her I will solve it. Night l337s P3/\<3

Don't Do it man

Okay nothing has been happening, i've been a gamer geek lately beating Half-Life2 which totally fuckin rocked, I beat halo 2 last week which was good, but the ending was blatenly clear there will be a Halo 3 and if there isn't the masses will burn down Bungie and Microsoft. So now I can leave the house and actually intereact with people. And yes im gonna do it, now what ?

16 November 2004

Gone Wild Video

After 3 days and now 13 new views(just kidding its been more than 130) I have realized that people really are bored and I will now offer the new Gone Wild Video, which should bring in new viewers, again I am kidding. I am actually just in the media center right now, checking my mail and to see if anyone commented on my "Hot News" blog from last night, and as I suspected nobody did; what a surprise nobody did. Of course if you are reading and are just too lazy to actually post something than get off your ass and read my school blog! Here is an excerpt: "DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR!" Now do it either write a comment or just do something else, I am writing this for constructive criticism, not for everyone's enjoyment.

Of Course I am just kidding everybody, this blog is to have something stupid, or boring to read just like an old English I-III class. Now go out and do something before the world goes to hell in a handbasket, because it will and I will laugh when your in that handbasket. LOL Pe/\[3 (PEACE)

15 November 2004

Hot News Figuratively and Literally

Wow today was a helluva day at the White House Colin Powell (Secratary of State), the Energy Secratary, Agricultural Secratary, and the Education Secratary have left. Oh and on top of it all everybody's favorite (yeah right) Condi Rice has been appointed as President Bush's new Secratary of State, yes it all has to go throught the Senate, but we know she'll get passed; lets get her the frell out of the NSA chair PLEASE. Now for the literal hot news, a man torched himself in front of the White House today. It makes me think that maybe we all should take protesting to the new lever, now I shouldn't make fun of this because the man might be mentally disturbed, and I do not make fun of the mentally disturbed. Oh yes I am announcing my run for the Presidency of the United States of America, now while I can't actually be president until I am 35 I am announcing my canidacy for 2028, 24 years from now. While most of you are probably thinking what in the hell is he talking about, there are atleast five of you who know I am serious as hell. I actually do have my campaign manager, who at this time shall remain nameless. Thank You my fellow americans I hope to be innaugurated in Janurary, 2029.


To further bore you with the boring details of my life, and I am going to write to you all from school, even though only 11 people are actually reading this. Today, right now, this very moment as I am typing this I am in my fifth period class. My fifth period is Media Center Assistant, and the class itself is actually quite fun, when there is something to do. If I don't have anything to do I sit down and wait for somebody to tell me to do something, usually computer related. None of this I mind, it is just the waiting that upsets me. I cannot stand to not be doing anything; it makes me feel useless and as if I have no purpose in life, and no this is not a suicide not, I don't do that sort of thing. I make it sound like its a drug, when I actually mean that I don't do things for my own selfishness. Okay thats enough about suicide, its bringin me down to a new low point. Back to school, it is okay grades are okay, like always they could be better.

Okay I will not bore you anylonger, so I will shutup and cease this stupid message. Have a good day, and please actually do something; DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR.

14 November 2004

Who Are You?

Okay your probably wandering WTF? but Im not actually asking who you are. Im refering to the famed question you get when you have talked to someone online and they put you in their buddy list. I have talked to countess number of people online ever since I was five years old, and I have only asked this question 3 times. Not Kidding you I have only asked it 3 times. On 2 occasions I have ended up telling the person nevermind, the other ocassion I realized why I stopped talking to her, and told her to go fuck herself (the only girl i mean to call a bitch). Now this never happens in public, you see someone you know and then you go up to them and say hey I remember you from wherever and if they remember you its all cool. If they don't then you say gooday. Now today I bring this up cause the girl I called a bitch imed me today and asked me who I was. I laughed for a minute and then realized she was being serious, she didnt know who I was so I made up this insane story and told her I was a game programmer and she believed me. It was acutally quite funny when I sent her my pic and she was like:

m*****sy**j*k897:   Oh I know who you are you called me a bitch.
scarry_jeff:    i did and i meant it too
m*****sy**j*k897:   yea but i didn't mean to be kinda bitchy to you actually i wanted to appologize
scarry_jeff:   its all coo, i just didn like it how you were talkin to me like that
m*****sy**j*k897:   Well I got to go, i guess Ill se you online again?
scarry_jeff   maybe not sure.

see the conversation wasn't that good but it happened. That was pretty much how my sunday is going so far talking to people I have never truely seen. Cya


Also My Condolences to ODB's family, he died Saturday in RZA's NY recording studio.

13 November 2004


To those who use the F2 and the ** im frelling tired of you using that stupid ass shit. It is so fucking annoying that it pisses me off and makes me not want to talk to you. Now I realize that you think its the shit, and you know what it isn't and if you think it is than you need to get your frelling brain checked. Now to my second statement, this is my second post and I had to vent. Oh yea get rid of the frelling stars, cause next time I won't use scapetalk to cover up my damn cussin.
Sup, this iis my first post ever on Blogger.com Im using the w.Bloggar tool to see if it actually works. Tell me