15 November 2004

Hot News Figuratively and Literally

Wow today was a helluva day at the White House Colin Powell (Secratary of State), the Energy Secratary, Agricultural Secratary, and the Education Secratary have left. Oh and on top of it all everybody's favorite (yeah right) Condi Rice has been appointed as President Bush's new Secratary of State, yes it all has to go throught the Senate, but we know she'll get passed; lets get her the frell out of the NSA chair PLEASE. Now for the literal hot news, a man torched himself in front of the White House today. It makes me think that maybe we all should take protesting to the new lever, now I shouldn't make fun of this because the man might be mentally disturbed, and I do not make fun of the mentally disturbed. Oh yes I am announcing my run for the Presidency of the United States of America, now while I can't actually be president until I am 35 I am announcing my canidacy for 2028, 24 years from now. While most of you are probably thinking what in the hell is he talking about, there are atleast five of you who know I am serious as hell. I actually do have my campaign manager, who at this time shall remain nameless. Thank You my fellow americans I hope to be innaugurated in Janurary, 2029.

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