16 November 2004

Gone Wild Video

After 3 days and now 13 new views(just kidding its been more than 130) I have realized that people really are bored and I will now offer the new Gone Wild Video, which should bring in new viewers, again I am kidding. I am actually just in the media center right now, checking my mail and to see if anyone commented on my "Hot News" blog from last night, and as I suspected nobody did; what a surprise nobody did. Of course if you are reading and are just too lazy to actually post something than get off your ass and read my school blog! Here is an excerpt: "DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR!" Now do it either write a comment or just do something else, I am writing this for constructive criticism, not for everyone's enjoyment.

Of Course I am just kidding everybody, this blog is to have something stupid, or boring to read just like an old English I-III class. Now go out and do something before the world goes to hell in a handbasket, because it will and I will laugh when your in that handbasket. LOL Pe/\[3 (PEACE)

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