14 November 2004

Who Are You?

Okay your probably wandering WTF? but Im not actually asking who you are. Im refering to the famed question you get when you have talked to someone online and they put you in their buddy list. I have talked to countess number of people online ever since I was five years old, and I have only asked this question 3 times. Not Kidding you I have only asked it 3 times. On 2 occasions I have ended up telling the person nevermind, the other ocassion I realized why I stopped talking to her, and told her to go fuck herself (the only girl i mean to call a bitch). Now this never happens in public, you see someone you know and then you go up to them and say hey I remember you from wherever and if they remember you its all cool. If they don't then you say gooday. Now today I bring this up cause the girl I called a bitch imed me today and asked me who I was. I laughed for a minute and then realized she was being serious, she didnt know who I was so I made up this insane story and told her I was a game programmer and she believed me. It was acutally quite funny when I sent her my pic and she was like:

m*****sy**j*k897:   Oh I know who you are you called me a bitch.
scarry_jeff:    i did and i meant it too
m*****sy**j*k897:   yea but i didn't mean to be kinda bitchy to you actually i wanted to appologize
scarry_jeff:   its all coo, i just didn like it how you were talkin to me like that
m*****sy**j*k897:   Well I got to go, i guess Ill se you online again?
scarry_jeff   maybe not sure.

see the conversation wasn't that good but it happened. That was pretty much how my sunday is going so far talking to people I have never truely seen. Cya


Also My Condolences to ODB's family, he died Saturday in RZA's NY recording studio.

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