20 November 2004


Somebody once said, that if you tell one person something than it would be retold and reformed twenty times over. I believe that very much, so I will tell you all this therefore if you want to tell somebody else you can tell them to go to here. There is somebody out there who I am totally fascinated with, and she has no idea that I am fascinated by her; or atleast that is what I think I think she knows. But since no guy knows what any girl is thinking, she probably already knows I like her. So here I am typing this to you all even though nobody out there reads this, contemplating how Im gonna ask her out and then actually finding the guts to do it. It is wierd, I don't have a problem going up to a girl I don't know, but if i know the girl than i don't have a chance at all, can somebody tell me what in the hell is my problem, and how in the hell can i solve it. Again it goes back to somebody its always somebody. Yet thinking about it I think I am the only person who can solve my problem, and the next time I see her I will solve it. Night l337s P3/\<3

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Good Bud said...

just wanted to say " MMMMMMMM" :) now ya got a comment at last i hope you a happier person :)
all the Best, Good Bud