15 November 2004


To further bore you with the boring details of my life, and I am going to write to you all from school, even though only 11 people are actually reading this. Today, right now, this very moment as I am typing this I am in my fifth period class. My fifth period is Media Center Assistant, and the class itself is actually quite fun, when there is something to do. If I don't have anything to do I sit down and wait for somebody to tell me to do something, usually computer related. None of this I mind, it is just the waiting that upsets me. I cannot stand to not be doing anything; it makes me feel useless and as if I have no purpose in life, and no this is not a suicide not, I don't do that sort of thing. I make it sound like its a drug, when I actually mean that I don't do things for my own selfishness. Okay thats enough about suicide, its bringin me down to a new low point. Back to school, it is okay grades are okay, like always they could be better.

Okay I will not bore you anylonger, so I will shutup and cease this stupid message. Have a good day, and please actually do something; DO NOT SIT AROUND DOING NOTHING THAT IS NOT WHAT LIFE IS FOR.

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