22 January 2005

double standard?

Okay it is late Im awake and just got off the phone with my ex, yes Im insane but anyways. She was telling about how she liked this guy and she wanted to go out with him. Now I have no problems with this that is the reason why we are not a couple anymore, so we could see new people. Now after she described this mutha fucka to me, I told her about this girl I've been wanting to talk to for a month now and when i tell my ex about her she flips out and claims I don't need a new gf. Now what the fuck is this bitch's problem, when she can hook up/ go out/ whatever with another dude, but if I wanna talk to a new chick its like she's the fuckin antichrist or somethin like that. I dunno its been a fucked up week and Im glad its over. Next one will be positive I promise

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