12 January 2005

Nothin ...

Okay I'll start off this post by telling you the major geek I am, I like Battle Star Galatica (BSG) the new one and the old one not the 1980 one, however because it was stupid as hell. Now I am watching the end of BSG (NEW) and Starbuck (A female) is smoking a cigar. Now only that certain female can pull off the cigar smoking and be sexy and it is Starbuck who is that certain woman who can pull of a cigar. Now when I say pull of I mean smoke a damn cigar and look sexy as hell. Now I wanna put a picture up and there will be one, when I can find one. Furthermore, I know you all won't appreciate, to those Im not appologizing, because you have had warning. Okay technically not, because you are reading this after you see the picture; however if you had actually read this post in posted order than you would know about the picture before I even put it up. So your welcome to those who enjoyed, and the rest of you FUCK OFF.

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