30 June 2005

School's Curse

DISCLAIMER: There will be a continuing log of some of my dreams. This is just so i can analyze them. I am doing this because every year after school ends and right before it starts back up (since grade 6) I have had wierd ass dreams about my friends, and school rivals. Just a warning, nothing for you yet, I have to get it to paper first.

Okay to the normal things, I have been in this phase of Alanis Morresette, she can actually sing and write her own songs (amazing that it still actually happens this way) Well I listened to this one song "Forgiven" on the Jagged Little Pill CD and I can't stop thinkning of Lea, if you don't know who that is don't worry bout it she probably would never meet you. Well this is wierd cuz ive never acutally had this feeling about her before. Well I need to go see ya lata.

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