07 June 2005

The Game Stops.... Here

   Well I went to a job interniew at gamestop today, lets just say the experience was ... interesting. One of the things me and the manager talked about was intimidation (sp?); one thing you should all know about me is that I'm rarely intimidated people do not scare me obstacles (*thanks jon*) do not scare me the only thing that intimidates me is my dad (lol). The manager said to me, "I would be weary if one of my employees were not intimidated by the work, I would show that they are not interested in the job in making sales of subscriptions and pre-orders." I stood there for a minute thinking about what he said and I instanly knew I didn't want to work there, not because of the intimidation comment itself, but just his attitude about it. He said it to me like I didnt give a damn about wokirng there, and I wanted to work there. I do not now. So if they call me back I might accept might not; post comments or hit me up on AIM.

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