11 December 2004

The rules got changed and now there is a new game

Okay people, there is this chick i like and I have been thinking about asking her out for about 3 weeks now. See first of all you must know that its hard for me to ask out a girl I know, i mean Know as in her first name last name, adress and phone number before trying to get it. So it has taken me this long and when I was going to ask to talk to her alone (we were in front of friends) she asks me, " I heard somebody likes me do you know who it is?" I told her " I have no idea, but I can find out." well i would have said something but I was infront of a girl who I feel likes me and I didn't want to piss her off or embarass her. So know I am certain that I know what I am going to do: I going to go up to the girl I like and tell her "I found out who likes you, its me. I didn't want to say anything to you friday because we were infront of mutual friends and ..." you all get the point. So instead of doing my usual I am force to either move in now or never talk to her period. Night.

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