30 December 2004

New Years

Okay people like all of the other shameless bloggers out there, I am going to post my new year resolutions:

1) Ignore the idiots.
      -This is hard to do considering that 51% of the country is stupid.

2) Listen to more music
--I got an iPod for christmas (review comming soon) Im gonna use it.

3) Take more pictures
--I got a digital camera for christmas and Im loving it, I also have a camera phone so    definately more pictures.
--The iPod is an iPod Photo, so that means I can put pictures on it to show off (I promise you a review)

4) Hopefully drive more
--Rumor has it my dad will be getting me a new car after the new year so Im gonna drive more after the new year
--Oh if you didn't know my last car was totaled, poor car, but im okay

5) Blog more
--Even though epic scared me (see previous epic post, it has a URL) I still like to blog, and maybe journalists will learn how to blog so that journalism doens't die.

6) Give more tech support
--Thinking of doing something like the broken(dont know about the broken? check the broken by Kevin Rose and Dan Huard. You need Divx to view a video. The shows are pretty interesting and they aren't dry like other things out there.

7) Get a job
--I need some money, and while my dad gives me $60 a week I still need some money, so I can pay for insurance (driving my mom's car) and so I can pay for the gas on her gas guzzler
--Also need some money so I can take the girl I like out. :)

8) Contemplate a new location for the blog
--I like blogger, but I would like a bigger site, so I could post some video (see number 6)

9) Sit back and think
-- Just need to sit and think about life

10) I Only live twice
--Do some wierd ass shit and maybe say "Damn how did I survive?"

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