17 March 2005

Steroids and Congress

Hello people, aren't steroids dangerous? Don't we know what they can do to a person, don't we know that for major league baseball players steroids are their own choice? Im here to ask you these rhetorical questions, because I feel my tax dollars are really being wasted today. I honestly feel that these steroids hearings in Congress is completely insane. I think that if MLB cannot prevent the use of steriods in their players, then I feel that the MLB should either close down or allow people to be enthused about overcharged "athletes". I am a fan of MLB, yes but I don't feel that Congress should be taking out 30 minutes over this; either declare steroids illegal for non-medical purposes or shut up and work on health care, the "failing" Social Security plan, our failing economy, our outrages trade deficits with the many different countries in the world. Im just saying there are many more important problems in the country and the world than just some damned steroids. Yes I know that this is important to some people and if you are offended good, that means im doing my job. However, steroids is not an important topic in the great chambers of the United States Congress! I ask the Congressmen and Congresswomen, please work on healthcare, please work on our trade deficit, please work on the outrages deficits ran up by the Bush administration, lets talk about the "failing" Social Security system.

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