04 March 2005

Its one thing to say, its another to do

Okay we're back to the old game of politics (look at the title of the page). In another attempt to sway Americans to his "Social Security Reform" , president Bush has hit the road again. However, today his rhetoric to how the "Reform" will help social security. This seems to be a major backdown from his "Reform" unplan plan (because it wasn't really considered a plan), in his original plan would cause a major overhaul of the complete Social Security plan, replacing it with a stock market influenced based system. President Bush and other Republicans argued that it would even help out minorities like African Americans, who tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to their caucasian counterparts. This idea would be that the amount of money raised by their death would be given to their families, however, they would recieve only the amount that would be raised to that point of the death. Now I feel that if Social Security is not something to be passed on, and it is not meant to be a major payout it is supposed to help a person, who might have gone through a fiscal downfall. Now I know many of you are arguing with me right now, but this is how I feel, we as Americans (who are not socialists) can actually invest some money in the stock market, and recieve our social security when we reach that ripe age. At that old age we can get our Social Security checks each month, and get our money from the stock market too. Thank you ladies and gentlement, this wass my political rambling for the week.

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