29 September 2005

Bad Choice

   While the outcome of the Roberts vote is clear, the choice of the next Supreme Court Justice replacing Associate Justice Sandy D is hanging in the balance. The democrats on the hill are pleading with the president to nominate a fair and balanced judge (sounds a bit too much like FOX News and we know how balanced they are). There are two names being thrown around, and the dems want those names out. One is Janice Rogers Brown, who some of you might remember as the judge that was unfortunately sent to the US Court of Appeals. Others might know Judge Brown for calling the New Deal (not exact quote) a victory for the socialists. I know that I am a liberal, but honestly how far of the right is this, I mean it doesn't even register for me. Calling the New Deal a socialists victory is a bit extreme, unless she meant that Jesus liked it too (he was a socialist and everyone knows it) I know that I said I would talk about the other Judge, but I am unable to do so right now, I will have a Bad Choice Pt. 2 coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Socialism is collectivism, and the New Deal was a move toward collectivism, so it was a victory for socialists, and a defeat for capitalists.