24 September 2005

Finally the Ladies

Ok in the sub-title line for the site, "A Slanted View on life, people, family, friends, and of course the ladies." I have yet to actually lend my view on the ladies. Now I love ladies, I am a heterosexual male, ladies are my fascination. Now that is out of the way, I cannot stand the constant date recitation females have. Now anniversaries are cool and shit, but maybe women shouldnt freak out on men who happen to forget these dates. I mean it is a day of the year, if you truely love each other a day wont matter. Now my mother and my dad go through this every 3 years, where he forgets their anniversary and I usually remind him, but every third year something happens. This year is a third year, my mom freaked out on my dad when she asked him (clearly setting him up) if he was working on Sunday [their anniversary]. He of course asked what the date was, because dates are just a number to him, and she went loco. It was funny, but then she got kinda crazy about it and I walked out of the room. When I came back into the living room my mom had went to her and my dad's room and my dad was playing GTA.

Now personally I do not like anniversaries, these days are created by jackasses who want the spouse to get pissed off at the "offending" spouse. Now when I get married it is obvious that this view will change, and I will succumb to the dreaded anniversary. So you women, let your men by, becaues the men who remember your anniversaries are either faking their heterosexuality, trying to get some pussy, or are just using you for some other reason. Well that is it. Those are my two cents.

Good Night,

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BIGcUSFM said...

first off, your a dumbass, every guy knows that if he forgets his annaversary that he is going to be sleeping on the couch for a few weeks. So the smartest thing to do is get a palm pilot just so you can remember that one date along with the spouses birthday and bs like that. But yeah i know what you mean. Every guy forgets their annaversiry atleast once and their wife raises hell because of it. So it sucks when you start to get middle-aged and start to go dumb, cuz then you start getting used to sleeping on the couch for forgetting important dates and stuff like that. So remember, mark your claanders.