24 July 2005

Okay I've been having these weird ass dreams lately, and they all had something to do about school. First of all the school was always under attack of these machines and I would have to get inside of a robot to help kill the machines. And then I eemember that I got money and a job for the government for doing what I did. Then came graduation, and the machines came again and captured me and I ended up getting away and getting to my bot.. When I killed them the principal of the school came up to me and told me good job and about the government program. After that I went outside where I saw Jon C. and a few girls I used to know from Northern. Well we see this forests and we walk into it, well it turns out to be a place where my robot was hidden during the quiet not being attacked by evil machines moments. So we go down there and find out some of the machines were being controlled by somethings maybe robots (which is really wired robots controlling robots). Then people started going missing Theresa K, her sister, then Jon; but for some reason I didn't notice this when I was looking for a way out. When I do find a way out a few things have changed, one of course is time I was underground for 5-6 hours, then my cd player was playing music, and my iPod was an older version of itself. So being that it is 5 o'clock (and I am two hours late) I go to pick up my mom. However there is a small problem, the interstate I was on changed in to a one way trip to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert. So once there I get out of the car, and see my aunts and uncles, waiting to get in one needing tickets; so we start to talk about nothing and nobody seems to care that I graduated just 6 hours prior. Then all of a sudden this really fat chick shows up talking about me my battles, and the robot I controlled; then my uncle C. notices something on the girls neck, it turns out to be a gaping hole that turns out to be filled with parasites. Then something is about to go down, because an alarm sounds and I start trying to get to my bot.

That is it for now. There are a few pieces left out that I might put in once the pertaining party okays it.

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BIGcUSFM said...

Okay, its me agian. I'm really starting to think you have a violence problem, a school problem, a girl problem, and definatly a clown problem and i'm sure the list continues. But the worse part of it is, why does it always take place at school. When most people leave school they take school, completely outta their minds so theirs no chance of having nightmares of going to school, wakeing up and then going to school agian. But anyway, Have you seen that psycologist I was talking about last time. if you go to the right ones they might even give medicine that you can take. And if you don't feel like takeing them, you can always sell them like most kids at school do anyway. People will pay a price for the right pills, but then agian all it does is add to the delenquincy of children and cause then to get busted with cops, then hard core drugs like coke, then the police intertwine agian, then jail, the less money, and then when your outta jail, your in debt agian. but of course the police could fix it by just simply keeping their mouths shut and legalizing weed.