23 July 2005

Clowns again.

Okay a while back, I sad something about clowns being evil. Now I realized what clowns really are, they are drag queens for Kids. It is so obvious, I can't believe I hadn't noticed it before. Clowns are the drag queens creation it acceptable for dudes to be in makeup; but they failed, because clowns are scary as hell.

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BIGcUSFM said...

Ok, now you've affended me, as a clown myself( and for the love of God dont ask how or why), I know clowns are drag queens. If you can make money simply by putting on some makeup to hide your face and make yourself look like a retard, i'd do it. But I have to give credit to the clowns out there, that's a hard job. Think about being in hot sweaty nasty ass tent all day surrounded by screaming children, nasty ass animals, freaks of natures. That sounds like hard work. but then if you take it from a pot heads point of view, its really easy. get stoned, kids find you helarious, you couldn't give a damn cuz your fucked up, and then you make some money. Thats what i'm talking about. And everyone knows taht a clown on pot is anything but scary, so as long as the clowns that my kids see are on weed, i'm perfactly fine with that.