19 July 2005

Hillary Clinton is a (__Insert Explictive Here____)

Hillary Clinton is a BITCH, and I say that with all due respect. I mean honestly, if parents didn't want their kids playin GTA:SA then they could take the damn game away from them. Okay people she is taking the easy way out, she would appeal to everyone, because she looks like "she cares for the children". I mean what the fuck is that bullshit!? I mean honestly let the sexual perverts who can only jack off to digital animation get off. I mean that is the only way for them it will happen, because you can't have sex with a digital girl, unless you count Lara Croft. She went from big ass digital chick, to fine big ass and tits human rights chick Angelina Jolie. Okay well that is enought from me. Peace bitches

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