20 July 2005

To be so staight (heterosexual)...

Republicans suck a lot of dick, cock, penis, head, jimmy, johnson, mushroom haed... and so on if you want more info go to Wikipedia Dictionary no pun intended

Im just saying look at them, they are homophobes but still suck dick.

Oh yeah I know that the conservatives and republicans are gonna love this shit.

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BIGcUSFM said...

Yes, but you can not forget that fact that with the new generation of children that are goin to run the government in a few years are so diverse that they will end up getting rid of republican and nameing it something else. republicans are normally white white collar families with a few blue collar families thrown in. But the new generation is goin to change the government forever because they are so diverse. the government is made up of white male females w/ a few black males. within a few years congress will be black white male female b/c white collage studants don't give a damn about politics or we will just run out of politicians.