16 July 2005

For So Long

For so long I have been worrying about other people, I have been trying to help others with their problems. I don't even the last time I have actually had a day to myself, where I got to do something I wanted: like hang out with you people or just chill with my cousin (cuz he is my wingman). But Im saying it know, thats it people (you don't know how bad I want to say mother fuckers, but I wont)(even though i just did). I mean I have heard so many of you complain about little fucking shit, and so much of it has built up and I just want to scream. And I don't mean a blogosphere scream, I mean go out of my GOD DAMNED HOUSE LOOK UP AT THE FUCKING SKY AND SCREAM GOD DAMNIT!!! I WON'T YELL GOD DAMNIT, I WILL JUST LET OUT A PRIMAL SCREAM BECAUSE IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO ABOUT NOTHING AND RIGHT NOW THAT IS ALL I WANT. I DONT WANT TO WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO CARE ABOUT ANYTHING I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT THE MISERABLE SHIT IN YOUR LIFE! I WANT TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT I WANT. SO JUST FUCK IT YALL THINK ABOUT THIS SHIT BEFORE YOU IM ME.

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