22 July 2005

Vow Movement (Say it, it sounds like bowel movement)

Okay, me and a few people have been talking about marriage today because an old friend of mine from the coast is getting married, because she's pregnant and she wants to be married before the birth of the child. Now to me that is the worst fucking reason to be married, after just trying to piss off the 'ole parents. Now I'll support her, and say I hope you have a good life; however, this has really got me thinking there are people straight and gay who never get married. These people are usually very happy with their situation, its marriage without all the beureaucratic bullshit. Why sign a damn piece of paper, say a few words, pay a lot of fuckers to do something when they don't care if you stay married for the rest of your life? If you just stay in a non-marrital relationship with your partner for the rest of the relationship (till death, or seperation with life intact), you don't have to worry about signing divorce papers and so on. Saves money in the long run, you know? Now for me this will probably change, I'm probably thinking like this, because my friend is getting married. So check back in a few years (the site will probably change by then, but I'll keep you posted) and you'll find out what happens with me. Well till the next type, keep reading and please don't get married.

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