22 July 2005

playing around with yourself

ScArRy JeFf: ayt, people no member abuse you know what im talkin bout (especially you jon)

rick dont kill garden gnomes

sim peace

cuzin chris zzz's sound good

twine the stupid pick up lines, we're all tired of them

jon don't do it you'll go blind

brixius even tho my sword is bigger, it doesn't matter its the skill that counts. (actually it does matter chicks love a big samurai ;-) ) oh and double_d aint the bra size i was talkin bout its your new nick i dont know why

josh methane dreams sound coo

but most of all people member abuse is a bad thing and none of us should do it. the members need love too. (think about that one)

1 comment:

BIGcUSFM said...

At least I don't have dreams that make me sound like I'm on crack when i tell them