25 July 2005

More Dreams of a Radical Nature

Okay this dream takes place approxamately 10 years after my graduation (in which the graduation was rudely interrupted). Okay let's begin this wierd ass journey.

   It all started out on my honeymoon, with a hot chick I have never met before (but have seen on television a sci-fi show), where the usual honeymoon things go on (im not going in to the details). Then all of a sudden the building starts to shake, so we go downstairs to the lobby to find out what is going on. When we get to the lobby, a bell hop is being shot up by some retarded robot/zombi (it was one or the other not sure), about this time Aeryen (the chick I married in my dream) is on her cell calling someone (at the time I had no idea who) and she tells me to go downstairs and take everyone to the basement. I complied with her demand of me and took a cell phone from one of the extras in my dream. After we all get down into the basement, I luckily get a signal and call Jon C. and tell him to prepare my robot and the weapons. Then all of a sudden Jon, Sim, Dan, Rick, and a few other people from school were there; they had appeared out of nowhere almost, maybe some type of transporter. I take the guns that they bring and tell them to follow me, and they do. When we go upstairs we see 13 more zombis/retarded robots (z/rr) and they start to shoot at us, we take cover and when they stop firing, we fire back and kill them. I then told the group, to split up and look for Aeryen.

   Looking everywhere for my wife (Aeryen), I am not thinking clearly about the situation and I walk into this trap, where I find a retarded robot, and a controller. Some how I lost my guns when I walked into this room, and I have no weapon except for my mind and hands. So I go after this controller woman and break her neck, and take what appears to be a gun; however, it is not the gun you and I would think it was it projected a something out the end that deflected gun fire. So when the zombie started to shoot at me, I didn't get shot but I still had to take it down. So when it shot at me and I wasn't dead it was stunned, so I came round behind him and grabbed his neck, unfortunately that didn't kill him; but I was saved again when I heard to blast of a gun and a limp zombie was in my arms (not as romantic as it sounds zombie goo everywhere). But what was romantic about it was that Aeryen was the one that shot the zombie. She tells me that there is a ship outside the resort waiting for us and that we need to go now. We ran to the ship, and I was looking around for the old crew, but they were nowhere to be found. So I tapped the communication bracelet on my arm and call up Jon, Rick, Dan, and everybody else and told them to come on .

More to come later, when I go to sleep again.

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BIGcUSFM said...

KGTech, I think you try seeing a Psycologist. IT will help you come to grips with your childhood fear of school as well as clowns. But I think a psycologist is a good idea for you. My mother once took me to s psycologist, but that was because she thought I was addicted to weed. But of course the fact that mabe I liked weed never crossed her mind. But after 8 weeks of a psycologist we(meaning me, my dad, and the psycolocgist) found out that the problem wasn't me or the weed, It was her.