21 May 2005


    As of right now bored man is officially dead.

And now for something completely different: May I play? (there it was). I will most likely be posting more frequently since school is out. Another thing is that TSS is back. All geeks will know what I mean, okay not tru not all geeks have heard of TSS. But for the ones that have the original TSS is actually back in podcast or actually TWITcast according to Leo. just go to the TWIT site and look on the right for podcast info. The show is recorded on sunday night and the sprung onto the internet [do not say information superhighway you will be one of the jerks infront of the fireing squad against the wall when the revolution comes :-) ] sunday evening or early monday morning. And if you use something like iPodder it will automatically download it for you when you enter the link URL. Not the TWIT site URL though.

peace hackaz.

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