22 May 2005


I was thinking today, I think that computers should come with lube and prenuptual (sorry if its mis-spelled jon lol) agreements. The lube is for...

haha gotcha again its for the cd-rom drive of course. Then the prenup is for men who meet women on the internet and end up marrying them. The prenuptiual would include a clause that if the one of the party meets another person online, has an online affair or is just porn addicted, nothing will be split 50-50. I think that is fair right, I mean you are marrying a person that you met online !!! That means if you don't put out enough or right then you aren't adaquet enough and the spouse can go back to the store. Alright that is how I feel bout that, just say no to porn , Sex with miners (not minor) ( See attached link) is ok as long as you got the right type of hat (not talking about a light hat either boys and girls)

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