18 February 2005

Let Me Do My Term Paper Damnit!!!

Okay people even though it doesn't seem so on this website, I love to write. I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but its because I have been working on my term paper. I'm only on the 8th page, of 10, and I was going good until people started calling: "Why weren't you at school?" I didn't go today because I woke up and I couldn't talk and my chest felt like a truck came in over night and pumped fresh mucus (sp?) in my chest. So I didn't go to school, so I decided to start writing my term paper, so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. Well it was going good until I got to where I am now, the 8th page. And that is where we meet, Im pumping Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones into my ears and typing away at full speed. Oh yea while Im here, let me share something funny with you all. Microsofts Attempt to save the world from noob's parents or <"A parent's primer to computer slang" Now come on Sim said something very intelligent, only people under the age of 14 use 1337 and some people who are just playin around. Anyway dwtf you are gonna do and let me alone to do my MY DAMN TERM PAPER DAMNIT

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