10 November 2005

The Marriage Problem:

Disclaimer: This is satire not to be taken seriously.

Every year countless numbers of men are tricked into slavery, this slavery is the marriage. Marriage to a woman just so he can be tricked into getting "sure pussy" from their wife. These men are misguided, there is no guarantee that they will get a continuous supply, and what happens if something happens to the man's wife? Should he continue his slave labor just to hold out on getting some? All of this asks questions, but the real question that should be asked is: is this why gay people want to get married, to be tricked into continuous servitude. And if this is the case, who is the one that tricks another? I dont know I am not gay so I cannot answer the question. I do beg of you everyone out there, however, do not get married if you think you are going in it for the "sure thing." Please dont do it just for the it.

I Remind you this post was satirical, meant to be read with light heartwood laughter.

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