01 October 2006

Don't Ask Don't Tell.

I am an avid watcher of The Situation Room on CNN. Last week Jack Cafferty, the shows curmguin and honest commentator, brought up a good point: Should the US Military Repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. Now the history behind this policy is a bit mixed up, people believe that Clinton didn't push this policy he was given this policy. Clinton wanted to allow openly gay americans to serve in the United States Armed Services, similar to the practice in England. However the Congress only went as far to allow closeted members of the armed forces community to serve. Not that big of a deal right? Wrong, in the past five years gay officers crucial to the "War on Terror" have been dismissed for being homosexuals. Many of these officers either speak arabic or have a connection to middle east and arab intelligence. At a time when a heavy concentration of our troops are in the Middle East, I don't think we need the Army needs to dismiss them due to who they have sexual relations with.

To those that say that openly gay Armed service memebers is a bad idea because troops are going to think that their comrade is going to try to feel them up during combat have no steady argument. When women were first allowed to serve in the military many of the Army Brass argued that there would be a drop in military productivity but there wasn't. If anything knowing a deep secret about a comrade would tighten the comradery between the troops not harm it. You may ask, why, well if a homosexual tells his comrade that he is gay, it shows that he trusts his peer and could create even more trust in the unit. Now you may disagree with that, and actually if you do I want to hear it because that is one reason why I do this blog to have debate. If you want to talk to me about it my AIM is Futurepotuskg.

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