30 September 2006

Is Walmart Suicide Friendly?

I am sitting here watching George Carlin's HBO Special "Life is Worth Losing." It is quite hilarious, and there are two quotes that got me thinking. The first is "I couldn't commit suicide if my life depended on it," that is just fucking hilarious and good. The second was about a man commiting suicide having to go down to walmart to buy a rope to hang himself. It got me thinking, is walmart suicide/murder friendly?

Look what they have is cheap anti-freeze, jump ropes (to hang oneself with), guns, ammunition, car service, the list can go on. I am asking you to think about this one because isn't it true, you could spend less than a 25 dollars on a murder-suicide. Here is what you could do:

  • With a jump rope: Kill someone with it and then hang yourself with it
  • With a gallon of anti-freeze, poison your victim and poison yourself.
  • With a jump rope and antifreeze: Poison somebody with anti-freeze, and then hang yourself
  • With a gun, self explanatory kill your victim and then yourself (more than 25 dollars though).
  • Car service, run over somebody and then drive into a body of water.
  • Car Service, lock your victim in the trunk and drive off a bridge.
  • With a hammer and Car Service, beat the hell out of your victim with the hammer, throw them in the trunk and drive the car off the bridge with you in it.

    There are many more but that is all I'm putting down right now.

    Disclaimer: Theoreticaly: I do not support this activity.
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