07 October 2006

Free Radicals

In the coming weeks me and my cousin Chris plan to implement a new netcast program that focuses on American Politics, Policies, and a little technology (because I am a geek at heart). We are getting our influence from "Real Time with Bill Maher," which is a program that comes on HBO Friday nights at 11.00 pm. However, since my cousin and I do not have the clout like Bill Maher, the netcast will mainly just be me and him and in segments.

I already have a friend that has helped with the theme, the theme and creator will be introduced later on, once we have worked out the creative commons for it. I love the idea of using the netcast medium for political discussion because it really utilizes free speach as a right and has a general levling of the playing ground for everybody.

Until then, this has been your Free Radical KenG.

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