11 October 2006

Free Radocals : NewsBreak Edition

This is Free Radicals NewsBreak edition. Here is a transcript (not-verbatim)

John Hopkins University has release a report claiming that there have been over 600,000
Iraqi Civilian Casualties since the start of the Iraq War in 2003.

The John Hopkins numbers are 20 x that of Bush Administration Estimates, which puts the civilian casualty count between 30 and 50000.

President Bush himself, in a press conference in the rose garden, disagrees with the John Hopkins data and presented his view point on Iraq.

CBS News is reporting that in September alone there were over 2000 Iraqi Civilian Casualties.

In other News President Bush was asked, in the same press conference, about diplomacy and North Korea and if it is possible for Bilateral talks with the new nuclear power

Before North Korea tested the nuclear device it wanted to meet bilateraly with the United States, and the Bush administration was against the idea.

I'm KG and that is it for this Free Radicals NewsBreak. We will have more updates tomorrow.

The sound bytes came from C-SPAN's coverage of the President's Press Conference held in the Rose garden Today Wednsday October 11th.

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