22 February 2005

Double Post: "Its Over Damnit" and "Yes Thats a Tampon on my Picture"

Hey people, today is such a good fracking day, yes an awesome fracking day. Yes I am using bad grammar, its because the term paper is completed and turned in. All that must be done now is that it will be graded and given back to me. I do know that it will be a good grade, because Im always good at my papers (aside) damn I sound cocky(end aside) So now I am so fracking happy yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post 2:
Yes that is a tampon in the picture, yes that is the commons area of my school, and yes i did take a picture of it. I don't know how itgot there, but I think a girl dropped it on purpose. Another fact is that ther was some ketchup that was dropped on the tampon right before the bell rang, so i didn't get a chance to take a picture of it. And yes this is a lapse in my maturity, and it will be short. Thank you and I hope I get the broncoo its awesome. They are cool   

19 February 2005

Revenge is a dish best served when you have a cold

      Okay my mom keeps going through my room when Im not here, I don't know if its because she thinks I have condoms in my room, or if she thinks I am smoking. Neither of which are true, I guess she thinks Im trying to hide something, I am not. Anyways people here is my recap froim the last two days. Figure out the connection yourself, it should be easy to determine if you realize this prologue.

      Hey people, yesterday I was sick and I didn't go to school. All well and stuff, so I was bored and went into my parents room where I found a bag of party balloons, probably something my mom had when I was a kid and kept. Well anyway I blew up about thirty of about a hundred. I had fun put water in some of them put shaving cream in others, and other stupid things. Well she gets home and looks in the trash can, where I put a few balloon, and then she turns around and says, "Have you been in my room?" I sit there in my own silence for a moment, and she asks again but louder, "Have you been in my room!" "Yes", I said, thinking what the hell the truth won't hurt. "Why did you go into my room?" she asked me. "Because I did, I don't know why." I obviously couldn't tell her it was because I was bored, because I wouldn't be able to stay at home sick anymore I guess I don't know. Then she goes off on a trip about how I yes I messed up the cigarette lighter in the car. I hadn't even touched it, I don't smoke, don't even like it I got her to quit. Then she goes outside and starts to clean up the car, I thought she was going to bring in my parking tag but she didn't. Everything is calm now, my interview went ok, except for the fact I was still wheeling back from this cold and they thought I was nervous, I was not! So that was today and yesterday in a nutshell. Oh yea my points of the day go out to the DMB man who actually used my quote in his away. You wanna know what the quote says? "Life without balls is no life at all (unless your a woman)." I thought it was funny, and I don't really remember why I said it but I did. Anyways Ill talk to you later.

18 February 2005

Let Me Do My Term Paper Damnit!!!

Okay people even though it doesn't seem so on this website, I love to write. I know I haven't been posting a lot lately, but its because I have been working on my term paper. I'm only on the 8th page, of 10, and I was going good until people started calling: "Why weren't you at school?" I didn't go today because I woke up and I couldn't talk and my chest felt like a truck came in over night and pumped fresh mucus (sp?) in my chest. So I didn't go to school, so I decided to start writing my term paper, so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. Well it was going good until I got to where I am now, the 8th page. And that is where we meet, Im pumping Aerosmith and The Rolling Stones into my ears and typing away at full speed. Oh yea while Im here, let me share something funny with you all. Microsofts Attempt to save the world from noob's parents or <"A parent's primer to computer slang" Now come on Sim said something very intelligent, only people under the age of 14 use 1337 and some people who are just playin around. Anyway dwtf you are gonna do and let me alone to do my MY DAMN TERM PAPER DAMNIT

05 February 2005

New Profession for the Prez?

How did you become a Muppeteer? by solidfoamsoul
Favorite Muppet:
Muppeteer mentor:Richard Hunt
Yearly Salary:$855
You're re-cast as:Ernie
Main project:Bear in the Big Blue house
Audition proccess:Kidnapped Steve Whitmire, demanding a job for his return
Fired because:you set Elmo on fire
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master puppeter

How did you become a Muppeteer? by solidfoamsoul
Favorite Muppet:
Muppeteer mentor:Brian Henson
Yearly Salary:$37,542
You're re-cast as:Big Bird
Main project:The Muppet Show
Audition proccess:Audtioned with a video tape
Fired because:you beat Frank Oz in fooseball
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02 February 2005

Its been a long time comming

Okay people I promised you that I would have some new art for the website, and I do. Its just not ready yet, Jon sitll has to figure out an appropriate image for the site, and its down to just two: One is a group of rednecks on the back of a truck, with a slogan; and the other is a drawing of sperm flowing around the work Fuck Yea. Now im in for the one with the sperm, because I don't really like rednecks. Okay people give it a few days because snow is in the forecast and if it does snow then I probably won't see Jon for a few days, which means no new picture. Okay anyway peace. Oh yea Jon needs PT, atleast on Senior Night