11 June 2007

Don't Stop Believing

*Authors Note, If you haven't seen the finale and don't want to hear about it don't read this, but then again who reads this anyways?

I understand that everyone else that has seen the whole Series of The Sopranos, just a few episodes, or just the finale have something to say about the finale. From what I've read with my two eyes there are a lot of people that are pissed off, going as far as threatening to cancel their HBO subscription. Well I like Entourage, so I won't be canceling.

I myself who has never really followed mob movies/tv except for, of course, The Godfather didn't come to the Sopranos until midway through the third season when I pleaded my parents to get HBO. I actually told them I would pay for half. I learned of the Sopranos through my cousin and hearing other people talk about it. From my starting point, I loved the show and following Tony around and wandering who's going to be offed this season.

The Sopranos was more than just the mob and murder though, and that is what made it so prolific. I don't want to say that it made an anti-hero a hero, I don't believe that. Tony Soprano was like most Americans, had a family with 2 kids and a wonderful wife. Tony's exception he happened to be a crime boss that happened to have a few personal issues, but who doesn't in this fucked up world right?

Tony's relationship with the viewer was what made him such a good character. That is why he isn't an anti-hero, he is just a guy that we could relate with, looking out for his family be it a business family or his own family. That is exactly why he couldn't be killed off, when it came down to it killing off Tony would be a lot like Killing a bit of ourselves. Having the show end the way it did, with him and the family was the best way for it to end because when it comes down to it, we can't stop believing can we?

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