17 June 2007

Am I Bovvered?

I found this today after I watched a channel 4 movie "The Trial of Tony Blair" the movie was interesting and I don't know if Blair, played by Robert Lindsay. I don't know if his Tony Blair was the hero of the movie. However, I felt sorry for Blair in this movie. He was a very sympathetic character in the movie. Now please don't attack me for this I don't follow British politics I know that Blair is the current PM who is stepping down on the 27th of June (two days after my birthday), and Gordon Brown is the heir apparent as PM (prime minister).

This isn't the reason I did this post, I just wanted to share a laugh. This is all for now, I will update you soon with my plans with this blog and if it will go on at all. Thanks for reading, Goodnight and Good Luck.

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