29 September 2005

Bad Choice

   While the outcome of the Roberts vote is clear, the choice of the next Supreme Court Justice replacing Associate Justice Sandy D is hanging in the balance. The democrats on the hill are pleading with the president to nominate a fair and balanced judge (sounds a bit too much like FOX News and we know how balanced they are). There are two names being thrown around, and the dems want those names out. One is Janice Rogers Brown, who some of you might remember as the judge that was unfortunately sent to the US Court of Appeals. Others might know Judge Brown for calling the New Deal (not exact quote) a victory for the socialists. I know that I am a liberal, but honestly how far of the right is this, I mean it doesn't even register for me. Calling the New Deal a socialists victory is a bit extreme, unless she meant that Jesus liked it too (he was a socialist and everyone knows it) I know that I said I would talk about the other Judge, but I am unable to do so right now, I will have a Bad Choice Pt. 2 coming soon.

26 September 2005

Gay Bar

Now many of you probably dont already know about the order sent down by the pope's house (the Vatican for those who do know). The order bars gays from serving as priests in the catholic church. Now I got this joke from Bill Maher but had to pass it on. The irony in this decision is that there is now a gay bar in the catholic church. Another irony is that since everybody is supposed to be celibate (looks at the fucking pedophiles who are fucking sick ass pervs.) but we know that the men are not.

24 September 2005

I dont wanna statue:

"Its my understanding that any man that has a statue made after him is one type of son'bitch or another"
- Captain Mal Reynolds "Firefly"

This is the reasoning for my title. I dont want a statue, cuz that means im some type of son bitch. Now I know I am a jackass at times, I can be one of the meanest mofos out there. I just dont want a statue saying im a son of a bitch. That is all.

Finally the Ladies

Ok in the sub-title line for the site, "A Slanted View on life, people, family, friends, and of course the ladies." I have yet to actually lend my view on the ladies. Now I love ladies, I am a heterosexual male, ladies are my fascination. Now that is out of the way, I cannot stand the constant date recitation females have. Now anniversaries are cool and shit, but maybe women shouldnt freak out on men who happen to forget these dates. I mean it is a day of the year, if you truely love each other a day wont matter. Now my mother and my dad go through this every 3 years, where he forgets their anniversary and I usually remind him, but every third year something happens. This year is a third year, my mom freaked out on my dad when she asked him (clearly setting him up) if he was working on Sunday [their anniversary]. He of course asked what the date was, because dates are just a number to him, and she went loco. It was funny, but then she got kinda crazy about it and I walked out of the room. When I came back into the living room my mom had went to her and my dad's room and my dad was playing GTA.

Now personally I do not like anniversaries, these days are created by jackasses who want the spouse to get pissed off at the "offending" spouse. Now when I get married it is obvious that this view will change, and I will succumb to the dreaded anniversary. So you women, let your men by, becaues the men who remember your anniversaries are either faking their heterosexuality, trying to get some pussy, or are just using you for some other reason. Well that is it. Those are my two cents.

Good Night,

22 September 2005

Welcome All

Alright people, we have a new commentator. Its Chris Twine some of you might know him from school. The others are wierd strangers who are just creepy. LOL Well anyways, Im considering developing a podcast. The podcast will be produced once the podcast market settles down some. Well till next blog peace.

PS. Look out for Twines blogs on here and on his site, it is Twines World Link down below. and Here

21 September 2005

America Green With Greed

America has become Green with Greed and is seeing Red because of it. Coperate America is overspending its earnings and are driving their companies blindly into debt along with the political america. The only part of America that isn't in debt is upper middle class and lower upper class America. The military is in the Red from its previous accounts not just from this one. the longer america stays in the red, the longer it blindly leads their blind companies and home owners with bad examples.