18 November 2005

It involves Me, Franz Ferdinand, the Song Michael, and Christian Church PanHandler.

Midway to school today, I stopped at the red light waiting to make a left turn and was listening to my Franz Ferdinand CD (The first self-titled cd) and Michael (the song about two guys dancing together) was on. So I roll down the window becuase the panhandler was right there and was about to give the guy money and the lyric about Michael's look came on, and the guy said "I don't need your money." So the dude most have thought I was gay, and I have been even more alienated by these conservative christians, because they judged my orientation based on a song by a band. But hey im cool with it, its their loss.

KenG out

15 November 2005

What in the Hell?

While sitting in the student center at state I generally watch the news for some interesting information. Normally this holds true, and when it doesnt i take out my headphones and plug into my laptop and listen to some tunes (since my goddamn iPod fucked up again). Well Im currently listen to No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom Album and I see some damn news on a fucking turle/turtoise that turned 175 years old. I dont believe in slow news days, so there is no reason for me to see a story on a 175 year old turtle. (get the pun slow? I know its not funny because Im not typically the one to "make a funny" however you do that) So that is it for now, I guess I fell into the trap of MSNBC and reported their story on the fucking turtle/turtoise.

13 November 2005

As a democrat, I would hope that the DNC is getting its shit together. Unfortunately I feel that our wins on Tuesday night had more influence of the crumbling of the republican party. I would hope that by the midterms in 2006 we democrats can have a clear message and have a more centrist campaign, because that is how many Americans feel themselves to be, centrists. That is how we can really get our shit together, because many of the the pundits (hold on im one too damn!) are right we are just the anti-republican party. We shouldn't be known as the anti-republican party, we should be known as the Democratic Party. If we support something, lets support it damnit.

10 November 2005

The Marriage Problem:

Disclaimer: This is satire not to be taken seriously.

Every year countless numbers of men are tricked into slavery, this slavery is the marriage. Marriage to a woman just so he can be tricked into getting "sure pussy" from their wife. These men are misguided, there is no guarantee that they will get a continuous supply, and what happens if something happens to the man's wife? Should he continue his slave labor just to hold out on getting some? All of this asks questions, but the real question that should be asked is: is this why gay people want to get married, to be tricked into continuous servitude. And if this is the case, who is the one that tricks another? I dont know I am not gay so I cannot answer the question. I do beg of you everyone out there, however, do not get married if you think you are going in it for the "sure thing." Please dont do it just for the it.

I Remind you this post was satirical, meant to be read with light heartwood laughter.

09 November 2005

Is President Bush losing his clout? That is the question that many republicans should be asking themselves, especially if they are going to run for election during the 20-06 midterms. With the defeat of both republican gubernatorial candidates in Virginia (a really red state) and New Jersey (the race had been very close). The problem is, that President Bush visited the Republican candidate, Kilgore, in Virginia the night before the November 8th election. For Bush this is really unfortunate, because it shows that the Meyers debaucle, the White House CIA leak, and the indictment of I. Lewis Libby (yes I got the name wrong last time); has had a major effect on Bush's clout with the public. Really the only wins for conservative Republicans and President Bush are: The election of Incumbant Republican Mayor Bloomberg;a constitutional amdenment banning of gay marriage in Texas.

With the public approval of the new Texas amendment (almost 3:1 margin) and the defeat of the Maine amendment, many conservatives are probably asking themselves could they take this to the national level? This is because Texas is the 19th state in the Union that has made gay marriage illegal. While this is not 2/3 of the United States. Could this time for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage? It possibly could be, with almost 2/5 of the states having some sort of ban on gay marriage; and Maine,a 2004 blue state, rejecting discrimination on gays.

For Democrats, the same question has to be asked, "Is President losing his clout?" If he is, it is time to get out new democrats try the young bloods to take over those republican seats. If you try to use democrats who have been in power a long time, and they lose their election against a Republican, it would be a setback for the Democrats. On the selection of new blood, I am certainly partial for it because I would like to run for office and this could be the time to do it even though I have only served my high school when it came to public office. Seriously though, it is time to get out some young blood, people who are outside of the beltway or just general outsiders that understand how the govenment works in theory.

Things are changing in the country, and while it might not be President Bush's fault he will certainly get a large share of the blame. Is this fair? depends if you believe in kharma, if you do then you probably believe it is fair for Bush to get the blame. Democrats must pounce on this victory and make United States voters believe that Bush is wrong and HOW Democrats can change it. If the democrats really want to throw things back in Bush's face, they should tap from his 2000 campaign and fight to get rid of the scandals in DC.

03 November 2005

Awesome, Fucking (lol) (look at the coma pervs

The following flight pattern visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya.

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