23 October 2005

Important announcment coming soon, maybe

20 October 2005

Getting to know the staff.

Now if any of you actually know me, you know that I only converse with people I like. For those I don't like you will get a yea, no, maybe, mmmidunno, etcetra. Now on Tuesdays and Thursdays, that I have english, I have an almost two hour gap between my history class and my english class. Normally during this long gap, I go to the hall where english is and sit down (you can visit me near Thompkins 128 Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 and 11:20). During this sit down I normally listen to my iPod or play a game on my laptop (which I got 4 hours of time out of article coming soon), today however was different.

Today I sat down in my normal spot and saw a woman mopping the wood floors on Thompkins hall. She was quietly mopping back and forth until she got to where I was sitting. She looked at the benches, and started to mop under the bench next to me. I asked her "would you like for me to move?" she politely denied and I continued my work. A few minutes later she sat down across from me to watch the floors dry, and to let students know the floors were wet; evidently students ignore the bright yellow sign that says "Caution Wet Floors" in both Spanish and English.

While waiting for the floors to dry a young girl walks up to the door T128 and pulls on it about 3 times, the girl did pull the lever (smartasses). She hangs on the door for about a minute and then looks around, ignoring the beautification gaurd. The gaurd then asks her "would you like for me to open the door for you?" The girl responds "yes sure if you can." I just sit there, wondering what will happen next, when the gaurd opens the door there is apparently nobody in the room, i did not see. The gaurd then asks the girl, "do you have class today", the girl responds "I think so..." She quickly pulls out her cell phone and calls someone, "Hey do we have class today? ... Oh we don't well okay, I'll talk to you later bye" I started to chuckle, an uncontainable chuckle too. As the girl walked off the gaurd proceeded to chickle as well.

I turned to the beautification gaurd and, a professor walks out of his class and asks "did a young girl fall out here?" Randomly. The gaurd said, "umm no," More laughter.

This is all that happened, but I thought it should be noted in the log. Well there it was.

19 October 2005

bleeding horseshoes killing man.

Okay when I first heard this I asked what the fuck!? But now in retrospect I can enjoy the use of bleeding horseshoes. Know this I don't want the horseshoes to kill the man, I just want them to blugent them badly enough so that he will shut the hell up. Now whne the bleeding horseshoes hurt the man the horseshoes will bleed more and I will ignore it.

15 October 2005

Yahoo+Microsoft=LOTS of IM

According to the microsoft site Microsoft and Yahoo are going to join up on the IM front. According to the estimates on Microsoft's site users of yahoo and msn will join to make 275 million imers. So that means the 1 msn person and 274,999,999 yahoo people to make the "largest im community"

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02 October 2005

Border line Democrat Socialist

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(21% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid Free Online Dating
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I dont go to gay bars

Dear Dumbass,

I recently wrote an article on my blog, title "Gay Bar." I just wanted to inform you that writing about homosexuals does not make a person a homosexual. I feel like this must be cleared, since a few dumbasses wanted to im me and ask me if I were at homosexual (in a demening mannor). I must be forced to inform the world I am not a homosexual. While I am not a homosexual, this sounds like a politician talking here, I do have homosexual friends; furthermore, having homosexual friends does not make one homosexual. If you cannot decently understand this, please do not contact me I dont have the time for it.